Friday, May 30, 2008


isla "graduated" from preschool (it was a few weeks ago but i'm just updating this blog so bare with me)

i put graduated in quotes because it's a bit ironic for many reasons:

#1- she still has another year of preschool
#2- it is JUST preschool
#3- she can't write her name, and heck, she doesn't even know her abc's...who gets a diploma without knowing that??
hello, let's save "graduation" for something they really had to work college?
anyway, aside from the overuse of the term, it was a cute "end of the year" program and i was very proud of her. the class celebrated afterwards at the Fircrest pool which was fun albeit, a little cold. isla loved her teachers, miss tiffany and miss robyn. but i think next year i'm going to put her in something that is 4-5 days a week. she's ready. once i started telling people that she doesn't know how to write her abc's or her name, she has gotten interested in both and can now write her name. it's so cute. even though sometimes it's more like ILA (with some weird squiggly for an "S") or's so amazing how quickly she picked up on it all on her own.
next to her in the photos is her friend, aly mae and her cousin, gabe. on a side note: we would like to thank gabe for teaching isla her first lesson in preschool this year...after her second day of school she came home and told me she learned a new word..."S*%!" and that she also said it was a "bad" word. now, if i didn't know gabe, i might wonder who taught her this...and also the fact that he is my's kind of a cute story. eh?


Melanie said...

Cute pics!! But i totally agree with you on the "graduation" thing. I teach 5th grade and we had a "graduation" ceremony...we kept it low key...but I'm hoping next year we can just call it a Farewell or a Celebration. Leave Graduation for 8th grade, high school and college...when it really counts!!

laurag said...

Congrats ILA, urr I mean Isla :). Hey...preschool is a big deal, it's her first 'school' experience and although it may not have been the most stimulating in the world, it sounds like it's been a relatively good experience for her. We're proud of you girl.

TheWinnFamily said...

She looks sooo cute!! Go Isla! Happy Graduation!

Kjrsten said...

They had real grad hats, now that's a heck of a fancy preschool if I ever saw one!