Wednesday, September 29, 2010


this year's trip to the Puyallup Fair was a bit crazy! not only did we choose to go on the last Saturday but also, the only sunny and hot day! i have never seen it so crowded.  ever.  i'm not kidding, there were some barns you couldn't even get into!  and don't even ask about the lines for rides and food.  (let's not talk about the 50 person line up for scones!)

also, brandon had been sick all week and wasn't feeling up to going, so it was just me, isla and macrae.  

but we made sure to get our krusty pups, scones, and ice cream as well as hit a few rides and see the sheep and cows.  

macrae loved this one!

macrae had high hopes for this one but i think he was a little confused about riding backwards in order to use the guns

always a favorite, it's like chuck e cheese in a box.  

this was the best ride of the day! 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Macrae's Party Party

i'm in love with baby emry...see why?
she's adorable! oh, those eyes! 
we had to let Cru take a turn at the candle.
oh man, the chocolate face!
macrae got a baseball T from his dad...even rhettsy had to try it out.
isla made him this special birthday crown and wrapped her own gift to him (which was one of her ken barbie dolls!)
da boy.
my very best.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

there are a million reasons

that my life is full

please pray for my mom. her cancer has returned. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The BOY is 3

yes, he's ALL BOY! but he's also my sweetheart. my good boy. my very best. i love him to pieces.  
today he got a postcard in the mail from his nursery teacher, sister call. he got the biggest grin on his face for a full 10 minutes! he was so thrilled.  he wanted to call her to say thank you and when getting off the phone with her, he told her that he loved her.  my heart was swollen.  i love this boy!

happy birthday macrae dwight! love you!

(photos from her-of course!)

Heaven on earth

Banks Lake.  i swear it is.

we spent 3 fulls days and night living and loving electric city's finest and coulee city's even finerest.

it was the best time of all times.

i wish it would never have had to end.

we roasted more hotdogs than any family should ever claim to have eaten.  (turkey dogs were plentiful too!)

i took more photos in one trip than i have ever in my life.  (600 or so?)

rhett ate more sand than he did real food.  and he also borrowed a million pairs of shoes throughout the week.

the chicklets sang a taylor swift song and were accompanied by soni!  whereupon, lexi serenaded us with her own "chocolate" and i will say i saw booboo with wet eyes.

i laughed harder than i ever have while watching my brothers and husband duke it out on the kneeboards. and by DUKE i mean, he was the ultimate fight champion of all winning 3 rounds out of 4!  and also, might i add that kneeboards are clearly urban legend since i haven't seen another person riding one (other than our family) since 1997.

on the last day i learned to wake surf and loved it so much i cursed myself for not trying it on the first day!
in my last moments on the lake i wakeboarded on the most buttery water i have ever boarded.  i knew once i let go it would be my last cut until next year!

and with that, i give you a montage of photos.  for more photos check this out

and speaking of next year, did you know we will be adding 2 more dyers to the clan and thereby, integrating them into our heaven on earth???