Thursday, November 26, 2009


for these...

and this...

as well as:
a healthy mother
amazing in-laws
no pets
true friends
and My Savior

enjoy a little more food than you normally consume on a thursday.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

baby boy growing up?

say it isn't so!

it was time for macrae to take a nap. he started his usual i'm tired know, torturing isla by turning her show off, asking for snacks but not eating them, and general annoying little things.
i took him up to his bed but he wouldn't sleep. so i took him in my arms and rocked him back and forth (like the mom in the book "i'll love you forever") and i sang to him. but he still wouldn't sleep. so i started tickling his arms and face. and still, wouldn't sleep. THEN i did the "skuts skuts" eyelash tickle (only the dyers know what this is). and he couldn't fight me. after he fell asleep i just held him and rocked him and looked at my big baby in my arms. i didn't want to stop rubbing his back and looking at him. he's growing up too fast. my boy.

he helped me clean my bathroom and even wore the rubber gloves like i did. he's good at using the windex. and he was so proud to be my helper. (in his rubber boots)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

book fair

oooh, the book fair. how i loved the book fair in my younger years. let me count the ways...

first of all, i was a book nerd! i know, i know. it's hard to believe.

really. i was a "library shelver" in elementary school. that means, i was a librarian TA. only, it would have been a cool job in high school because fo sho the librarian wouldn't care where you skipped off to during class (even if it was to metal shop to make out with your boyfriend). oh no! this meant that you missed RECESS so you could be in the library. putting books away, no less.

oh, how i loved this job. just fingering all of the fiction. wondering who had checked out "are you there god, it's me, margaret" that week. and when the librarian told us ("us" as in me and all the REAL nerds) we could go back to recess. i would stay and read books in the truck cab or the boat. ah, it was pure heaven.

actually, heaven was the book fair!! all the new books just sitting on those shiny shelves waiting to be bought, toted home on the bus, and READ. oh~my joy! i would save up babysitting money, scrounge change out of the couches, do jobs for my brother...anything to get money to buy BOOKS! and then i would bring them home and sit under the table in the kitchen and READ. all day. until the book was read. i read atleast one book a day. oh~the joy of it!

so, now i'm a bookclub drop out. i don't have time to read books. to me, that is a luxury. but one day...

for now, i will settle for helping out at the book fair at isla's school.

wise words from a wise man

today i took the kids to visit my grandpa. he's currently in assisted living where he also recieves daily physical therapy. he hates the place. the food is bad. the rooms are sterile. it makes me so sad to see him in this place. mostly because he has always been such a strong man.

i wheeled him outside (isla pushed the boys in the stroller) to sit in the sun for a while. the rays of sunlight landing on his cheeks and i wanted to take him back to his 80th birthday party. we talked about my dad's travel, rhett's red hair, and few other things. but mostly, i could tell my kids were making him a bit nervous. we walked him back to his room and then he told me that i had beautiful children. and that i'm a wonderful mother. and then he told me to take them to feed the ducks.

and so i did.

first isla was complaining that this wasn't pt defiance. and then they spotted the park...

Monday, November 2, 2009

tricks or tricks

my kids' halloween loot:
1 chicklet party with gannah
3 frosted pumpkin cookies
1 trunk or treat
1 dinner at grandma's house
52 pieces of candy
2 sick kids
{my bed is the nurses station}
macrae has croup
isla has the flu