Monday, November 26, 2007

blessing a 9 month old baby

at least that is how it looked...
people kept asking me, "now how old is he?" because brandon football carried him up to the stand and it was obvious to the congregation that this baby was NOT a newborn. yup, 15 pounds. heh heh. he's still yummy, though.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

the budding photographer

my neice, lillian, is only 4 years old. this girl cracks me up! her teachers at school described her as very well rounded and says does not get "cross" with anyone. and apparently, she gets a hold of a digital camera once in a while. i was over there tonight and thought i would share some of the moments she "caught" in her viewfinder. very cute!

Monday, November 12, 2007

The NEW Mrs. C. Bronson Lauper...

this past weekend i went to LA to witness the eternal union of Rosa and Bronson.

when you wait until 32 to get married, doing so can be a very big deal!! and it was! it truly was rosa's day. the sealing took place in the newport beach temple. the ring ceremony was completely the way this chunte would be expected to carry out her vows. there were 9 bridesmaids, yes, i said 9! and a number of other girlfriends in attendance. it was awesome! she was a stunning and graceful bride. see for yourself!

reminisce on the love we had

all of my girlfriends from college were at rosa's wedding. quite a reunion, complete with dancing to some hip hop straight out of 1999. back in those days, there were about 10 of us girls who were as tight as family, they were my family then. and as fate would have it, all but one of us left our significant others at home (not planned) so it truly was a weekend "just like old times." while we have all grown up and become responsible adults, it was fun to reminisce on the days when we were care-free, a bit wild, and very crazy. these girls each have a special place in my heart. we carried each other through some very tough situations (and rucks) and helped each other to enjoy every minute of every day. we never missed a night out on the town in SLC. and we never took what we had (each other) for granted. in those days i felt the world was mine and i have these girls to thank for that. i didn't realize how much i missed them and love them all until this weekend.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

i could eat YOU for breakfast!

there's another mom at my church who had a baby exactly a week earlier than macrae. and well, i think he eats breakfasts bigger than that baby. today we went up a size...yes, it's true! this guy is little more than 7 weeks now. and i am not kidding, we have graduated to size 3-6 months already. i weighed him tonight...and with clothes on he's 14 pounds! that's right folks (cue circus music)...step right up...see the amazing GIANT baby!
...he ate 40 ounces yesterday...incase you don't know formula nutritional facts, that's 800 calories. now that's MACRAZY!
p.s. this is my first time with a big baby...isla was 14 pounds at her 4 month check up

Halloweeners and Things

yes, it's a little late. but i have been feeling a little crazy these days. so, here is PRINCESS GENEVIVE from the 12 Dancing Barbies movie. and NO, i DO NOT SEW, this was purchased.

isla has been obsessed with this princess for over a year this was her dream come true...

she filled up that whole pink bucket at the trunk-or-treat and couldn't carry it....but lucky for us (and brandon's sunday school class) she only ate a few items before bed and hasn't asked where the candy went.

and if you are wondering where macrae is...well, he was a no show for the festivities! that guy fell asleep on the way to tricks-or-treats and slept all the way until we were done. so i didn't even put him in his costume which was going to be a chili pepper. and i'm not the kinda mom to put him in it for the picture...i guess i could have but then i would feel obligated to scrapbook a whole page around it. ha ha-not really.

and incase you were wondering, I DID MAKE IT through detox last week...halloween festivities and all! i recruited my sister, marion, to come on board with me so that made it easier. we called each other when we were feeling weak. candy bars and such are not my weakness (as discussed) but halloween was still hard. i made chocolate/marshmallow/pretzel spiders with isla for her preschool party and i popped one into my mouth without even thinking!! oops! i realized how many cookies, candies, and what-not i put into my mouth without even calculating it. just getting throught BREAKFAST without doing it was hard!

so now maybe i can be a more normal dessert partaker...? i hope.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

freeze tag

there's this new game of tag...BUT it's too exclusive for EVERYONE to it's ONLY for bloggers.

I got tagged on kjrsten's BLOG and here are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog (which i don't know how to do so just go see
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs(which i won't be doing because they have already been tagged)
4. Let them know they are TAGGED by leaving a comment on their blog (i only know 3 other bloggers-other than the bloggers who visit me because they are becky's friends and she tagged them ALL)

unfortunately, for me, i don't know any bloggers other than those who have already been tagged along the way. so, i'm thinking this one is freeze tag and i am it, but everyone else is frozen already so do i lose?

oh well, here's my facts:

1. I, like kjrsten, took 7 years of piano but do not read music and only remember about 1/4 of one song, Minuet 3 by Bach. But i do play the violin AND read the music.
2. i love to read and thought i would someday be a writer. so much so that i was accepted to the Young Author's Conference in elementary school with my best seller "All that Sparkles is Not Lost"-i'm sure you've read it
3. in third grade i won 1st place in the Tacoma Humane Society Art Contest but I DO NOT HAVE ANY ARTISTIC ABILITY now. it must have all been used up on that one poster.
4. i passed out at the birth of my niece, stella, and the doctor had to revive me while my sister's baby was crowning ---very embarrassing but funny to talk about NOW (sorry kjrst)
5. my husband and i sleep under seperate blankets since our body temperatures are about 20 degrees different
6. i love math
7. i do not like bananas AT ALL

wait a minute...i know one other blogger... --and she's really funny...a good read so go check her out too!