Saturday, May 24, 2008

lost and found


Question: what will the tooth fairy do when she comes to take my tooth but it's not there?

Answer: she will go find it.

isla lost her tooth while swimming at the Fircrest Golf Club...but don't worry, i'm sure it found its' way into the hands of the tooth fairy...since we wrote her a letter telling her where to get the tooth. we just weren't sure if it was the big pool or the kiddie pool. no matter, she still left isla some "treasure" so i'm sure she found it. (since isla was disappointed with ONLY getting money last time, this time the tooth fairy left jewelry--i guess 3-year-olds don't understand that you can buy anything you want with money)

here is isla with her cousins on the way home from losing her tooth in the pool...she doesn't look too worried about the toothfairy's prize, now does she?


TheWinnFamily said...

FINALLY!! Thank you for updating your blog so I can be entertained. :) Glad Isla told the tooth fairy where to go -that could have been tragic!

Kjrsten said...

thanks for showing the whole world of bloggers (mostly moms!) that we let our kids pile in the WAY-BACK that day without car seats or boosters, and I am sure sharing seat belts like that is not exactly saftey-first either! Now all the mom's are gonna be after us with torches and pitch forks!