Tuesday, March 31, 2009



without you it's just not right. ~MISS YOU

Monday, March 30, 2009

today i love


isla is my shining star. today i got into the car to take her to preschool and the thought came into my mind "i have a pretty good life." even though...
both my boys have RSV. this means breathing treatments every 4 - 6 hours for each of them. sleep is not happening. brandon is out of town. oh, and i'm sick, too. isla makes my life so much easier.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

photography lesson

with michael rowley...

kjrst and i spent a little time with a master. while we were pretending to be super models michael gave kjrsten some helpful hints in lenses and a lot of other things i don't really know much about. but we had fun

kjrsten took this

michael took this

and this

and i took this

it was fun pretending to be a model and photographer but i think i will stick to being a mom.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

hey dad, can i help

brandon was doing some remodelling work on our downstairs bathroom last weekend. macrae thought it would be a good idea to start his handy-man mentorship. i just don't know why he thought his uniform should be his birthday suit?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

SOME people don't like birthdays

i just can't believe i'm related to them. see, i LOVE birthdays whether mine or someone else's. sunday was sherry's birthday and she doesn't like her own birthday. (brandon feels the same way.) it has something to do with too much attention...which i don't get AT ALL. gannah and i talked sherry into having her birthday dinner at the house of dyer. and let me tell you IT WAS NOT EASY. seriously? everyone knows that dano is a great cook...who wouldn't want his dinner for their birthday? well, sherry also knows that birthday dinners at the dyers mean lots of attention on the birthday-girl. there was a little roasting going around the table but she jetted out pretty quick after cake so since we didn't get to fully roast her i just wanted to share a few of my favorite things about my mother-in-law. and since i don't know how old she is (okay, i know but i won't tell) i will just do a top 10 list.

1. she made a really great boy-my husband!
2. treats me like one of her daughters
3. most amazing fabulous cook!
4. she has the most gorgeous flower garden
5. i wish i could sew as perfectly as she does
6. ever-ready to serve anyone, anywhere, any way
7. my children love to spend time with her
8. the best laugh on the planet
9. makes everyone believe they are her best friend
10. the best mother-in-law i could ever dream of

i love you sherry!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blessing Baby Boy

Rhett Timothy Parker

since all of the Dyer sibs were in town for Keith's reception we decided to make the weekend REEEEAAALLY crazy by adding one more event. We blessed Rhett on my dad's birthday right after dinner and before all my siblings took the next plane out.

special thanks to kjrsten's ninja skills and for taking all of the pictures below:

and ofcourse Macrae had to get a piece of the action...here's Mr. Attention getting everyone laughing:

we were trying to take some more pictures of Rhett...

but macrae couldn't help himself...
he's just showing off how he can shake the bottle (a little musi-esque shaking a sock)

and now he will touch his tongue to his nose...almost

oh well, he knows he's cute even if it isn't HIS DAY

Saturday, March 7, 2009

a lesson in faith

our fish is nameless. sometimes i refer to him as cutie pie. isla is conviced it's a girl but i know him better and he's a boy. he's a cute little fish. he swims up to you when you come close to the bowl. he hangs out with me when i'm doing the dishes. he's just a FISH but i really like him.

the other day cutie pie was floating upside down...you know what that means...i was worried he would be dead by the next morning. isla was worried too. i cleaned the bowl and gave him a little food just to see if that would help. but he just kept floating on his back. so, when we were saying our prayers that night isla wispered to me to bless the fish that "she won't die and she won't float on her back anymore." i thought for sure we would wake up to a dead fish and isla would be traumatized that her prayer didn't save her fish. and how would i explain that one.

silly me. the next morning, i came into the kitchen and he was happily swimming and wagging his tail at me.
oh, the faith of a child.

Friday, March 6, 2009

brandon's son

my man is currently out of the country. okay, he's in canada but it's cooler to say he's getting a new stamp in his passport this week. this means i am the momma of 3 very adorable children ALL ALONE for a few days. no big deal. many women do this all the time. right? you might think it's hard to have a 2 month old baby and still take care of the other two. right? well, in this house, the 2 month old is a dream. he sleeps THROUGH THE NIGHT. (hello. none of my kids did this until they were at least a year old) my four year old is more like a little mommy than a child. it's brandon's-not-so-chubby-anymore-one-year-old who is the excitement in my life.

aunt debbie was the first (of many) to warn me about my husband as a boy... and the fact that i would probably have a son who might make me wonder if he would live to serve a mission.

we just installed a backwards door knob (euphemism) for obvious reasons. last night macrae was all locked in nicely and going to sleep. after an hour i heard some noise and went in to find him sitting on the window sill behind the blinds with just legs sticking out ontop of the changing table. i put him back in bed. shortly thereafter i heard some noise and went into the room to find a broken drawer hanging from the changing table (being used as a step ladder, no doubt). so again, i put him back in bed. a few minutes later i heard some more noise and found another broken drawer. at this point there's only one drawer left to break. sure, brandon is a master at fixing everything but let's get real...i wasn't going to let him break that one too. so i moved the whole table into the hall. within 10 minutes i heard noise again and found he had dragged his matress over to the window to use as a step...he just HAD to reach those blinds?? maybe he was planning an escape out the window. whatever. i might have been angry but i wasn't. this is just the boy i am raising.

tonight after he and isla had bathed, the water was draining out of the tub when i heard a little splash and found this...yep, he's fully clothed in his pajamas and a new diaper. and yes, that is the shower curtain on the GROUND.
how can you be mad at this little face?