Sunday, March 30, 2008


miss isla wanted a "bob"

eek...did i really just do that??? hair down her back...and now it's above the shoulder? yes, i did that. i know! it's sad. however, her curls aren't coming back. and she insists on wearing her hair down every day (probably because i do).
she loves it. and hair grows back.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

tricky easter bunny

wow! easter flew by us!! it came so early this year i thought for sure our egg hunt would be rained out or worse, snowed in. (it's mixed rain/snow right now)

but it wasn't! it's was gorgeous! our cool friends, the dicksons, invited us to their family easter egg gathering/hunt. okay, so we are in a round about sort of way family too. but honestly, we felt totally flattered to be included. their yard could not be more gorgeous with a view to die for in tacoma!! darn amazing!! and yes, you see these pics include ONLY girls?? macrae and calvin will be joining in and terrorizing next year's hunt. (of course, that's assuming we are invited again)

brandon was sick on easter, so our family pic on easter was just me, isla, and mac...i will post after it's developed.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


as i was getting macrae dressed today isla asked me if she could pick out my outfit. whatever. okay. "fine" i said. a little scared, i thought, what could be the harm? i would wear something really cheesy today, no big deal. we are just going to the library. oh, and she picked out HER outfit today too (of course). we are a little opposite of each other (my top actually has polka dots on it) ...i don't know if she had that in mind but here's what we look like. {and yes, she took this picture of me thus the blur and head cut off. ha ha!}

and YES, this is her favorite outfit. i have to put it in the wash to keep her from wearing it every day!!

blog peeps TAG

we bloggers are a funny breed, aren't we? i got tagged, and normally i wouldn't play this game. but it was my Molly who tagged me. and to show her love, i will play along...

Here goes nothin' (seriously, as if you people really want to know this crap about me)

10 years ago I was:
working at Destination Harley Davidson, engaged to Joel, and literally days away from calling of my first engagement (followed by another one of those a year later)

5 things on my "to do" list today:
1. shower
2. take Isla to the library
3. take Sophie's coat back to her (she left it here 2 days ago, poor thing is probably freezing)
4. ebay
5. figure out what's for dinner

Things I would do if I became a billionaire:
1. Buy a house in my parents' neighborhood
2. Give $1 million Trust Funds to each of our sibs for their kids to go to college and on missions
3. Have 4 more kids (i could afford a part time nanny and a housekeeper)
4. Open my store with Kjrsten
5. Donate Money to the U of Utah and the church

5 of my Secret Bad Habits:
1. I bite the skin around my nails
2. I eat LOTS of baked goods
3. In the spirit of being honest, I sometimes forget about others' feelings
4. I hate being "one of the crowd" (okay, maybe this one is not such a secret)
5. I love to dance, esp. Hip Hop

5 Places I've Lived:
1. University Place, WA
2. Vancouver, WA
3. Salt Lake City, UT
4. Minneapolis, MN
5. Moscow, Russia

5 Jobs I've Had (in random order):
1. Harley Davidson
2. Sears Teleservice Hiring Specialist
3. Alarm Sales
4. Nordstrom
5. MOM

5 Things that most people don't know about me:
1. I was a type "A" personality and VERY dependable until dating a polynesian in college {no worries}
2. I am a reality TV junkie (good thing we have DVR)
3. In high school I wanted to get married as soon as I graduated and have 6 kids. But once I got out in the world, I realized I had some "stuff" to do before all that. heh heh
4. I hate going anywhere without taking a shower.
5. I hate buying marinara sauce because the lid gets all gunky and grosses me out.

I'm supposed to tag some other blog peeps so I tag...

okay, that's enough pain to inflict on go and share.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mr. Mac-Chubbies eats Big Boy Food

have you ever known a fat baby to gag on solid foods? i have been shocked...Mac does not like solids. he literally chokes on bananas and rice cereal. BUT today he ate applesauce and didn't gag OR clench his jaw. wow!! here he is showing me how much he likes being a big boy!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


i am soooo ready for spring!! it's been sunny off and on the past couple weeks...okay, rainy the past couple days. but hey, i'm optimistic! i think the ground hog got it wrong this's pretty early for the blooms to be out. i cut these blossoms off my dad's trees today! oh my! so gorgeous!
i'm having my mother-in-law over for dinner tomorrow to celebrate her birthday. when i go to her house for dinner she always has something from her yard on the table that looks like it's been designed "just" for the occasion. this woman has the most amazing garden and she can appreciate any flora and, i hope she likes my center piece.

Friday, March 14, 2008

i can't believe this!

i'm freaked out (and not JUST by her mullet) this 17 month old baby can read !! no, really. check it out!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

there is such a thing as "cuter" pajamas

ooooh, i can't stand it!! i love this boy so much i just want to munch his face. i want to eat his thighs...those rolls!! they are so yummy! (enough exclamation points?)

tonight i get him ready for bed...and lately, well, we haven't had very many pajamas that fit. yes, he's ONLY 6 months old (this saturday) but he's wearing size...well, this pair is size 18-24 months. they are too long, but not too wide. heh heh.

i couldn't stand it when i went in there with his bottle tonight. he's all snuggly buggly in his bed and i thought his jammies looked completely adorable on his chubby body! i just had to snap a pic. thanks kjrst, you gave these to us before he was even born. i love them!!!

and yes, Chubby Boy, holds his own bottle.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Scrapbook Weekend in Lincoln City, OR

i promise, i was REALLY working..

7 women in one beach house...the weather was pretty gorgeous. we had an amazing cottage VERY close to the beach...but i really DID WORK almost the whole time.

here's proof:

movie star

yes, it's true! isla LOVES to dress up! today she's a movie star.

i've already explained how she picks out her own outfits in the morning. but most days (if we are at home) she runs around in her that she can get her dress up on at a moment's notice...easy access baby! easy on, easy off...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

what makes me happy

it has been a rough week. last thursday i came down with the flu. aches, chills, nausea (thankfully, no vomiting), coughing, sneezing...the works. and i am just NOW starting to feel better. there's been some other drama (or trials) in our lives lately. so, i have been feeling pretty darn low. but today, i decided that i only need a couple things to be happy...