Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweeners

isla went through about 3 different costumes before settling on this one. it was like the 3 bears story this year...too itchy, too big, too ugly... and she decided on the barbie mariposa (butterfly).

macrae didn't get a choice. i just chose the animal i thought most fitting for his personality. they did have a great time at grandma's and grandpa's after the evening. just check out my little elephant with the spoils.

i didn't get many pictures of them. macrae was mostly interested in watching his own feet move and bumping into everyone at the trunk-or-treat. isla was a little freaked out by all the people in costumes and would only go to two cars, duff's and my dad's. i decided we had better not try REAL tricks or treats at real houses. maybe next year.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Shilter Family Farms Pumpkin Patch

what is fall without a trip to the pumpkin patch? i do so love the fall...and this farm is just gorgeous!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

it just gets better every year

today was/is my birthday...i have to say that my husband, brother, and dad were awesome today!!
first of all, last night brandon came home with 3 pairs of jeffrey campbell shoes for me to choose from . HELLO. jeffrey campbells? i know. LOVE. love. LOVE MY HUSBAND! of course, me being ME, i chose the red mary jane style. and he also picked up flowers AND some really cute housewares for me. TOTALLY amazing husband! then we went to dinner at europa in proctor. LOVE. the atmosphere is romantic and quaint and you can always get right in. oh, and the food pretty much rocks. awesome!

then today my brother and sis-in-law had a birthday breakfast for me! it was so sweet. especially since brandon had to be at church this morning. it totally MADE my morning. thanks guys!!

oh, and let's not forget my birthday DINNER tonight at my parents' house. my mom is out of town but my dad did NOT let my birthday pass by without a HUGE celebration. and by huge...i mean THE FOOD. crab legs anyone? KING CRAB?? ah yeah! oh, and not one but two cake studio cakes. that's right. TWO. oh my gosh. soooo good!!

macrae is so excited to start dinner! (we had to take his clothes since we didn't have any of those bibs they give you at red lobster)

the man who made it all happen (and by "it all" i mean about 25 pounds of king crab)

here we all are...before the crab eating began.

i'm not the type to be embarrassed about my age. i'm 33. is that OLD? oh well. it happens. happy birthday to ME.

Friday, October 24, 2008

4 yr old girl + new shoes = FAST FEET

miss isla has opinions...know anyone else like this? getting dressed in the morning is a challenge for ME. because i want to coordinate her outfits and she wants to wear what SHE WANTS TO WEAR. well, she just had to wear her new tennis shoes today with this dress (AND MIS-MATCHING socks, which i had to laugh about because i remember doing the same thing in third grade. it drove MY mom crazy). hey, at least the pinks match up, right?

the funny thing about these shoes is that every time she puts them on she runs as fast as she can around the room, just to make sure they WORK. she has taught macrae this little trick too. today i put his converse allstars on and what do you know? he starts running around the room while staring at his shoes. okay, so it was more like fumbling as quickly as possible.

today i decided we would actually put these shoes to the test. we walked over to Charles Wright Academy to do her time trials on a REAL track. as you can see, mac didn't make it there with shoes on...he takes them off as soon as he gets the chance. but he made a GREAT spectator. so, back to isla and her SPEED which she must have acquired from her DAD ...let's just start calling her "Wind In Her Hair."

ah shoot

do you ever go to your blog in hopes that something new will be there?? as if someone else could do your posting for you? am i crazy? because i do this once in a while. without really thinking...i just type in my url as if there might be something there that i haven't read before (or didn't WRITE). duh!

(more to come, like a REAL POST. i promise)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BP on the move

I didn't get tagged...but I saw this on Becky's Blog and thought it would be a good idea to let YOU ALL know why last week was so hard for me...

1. Where did you meet?
i don't remember this but he says we met at Chambers Elementary School to play softball for FHE the year his family moved here. 1988?

2. How long did you date before you were married?
3 months. i will say, we HAD KNOWN each other for 15 years so that has to count for something. oh, and our engagement was 10 days.

3. How long have you been married?
6 years.

4. What does he do that surprises you?
he tears up every now and again...if you know him, you might know why it surprises me. still.

5. what is your favorite feature of his?
um, his chest and abs. and he has amazing hair.

6. what is your favorite quality of his?
he's so hardworking. any job, any task, whatever needs to be done, he'll do it. and he won't complain. ever. oh, and he makes for cute babies.

7. does he have a nickname for you?
nope. just anna.

8. what is his favorite food?

9. what is his favorite color.

10. what is his favorite sport?
to play or watch...?
wakeboarding, football, baseball, or wrestling. i guess i don't know.

11. when and where was your first kiss?
we weren't technically on a date. we had been to dinner with my whole family to celebrate my grandparents' 52nd anniversary. IF it was a date, it was our first. afterward we ended up at HORSESHOE Lake and it happened there. so romantic, right?

12. what is your favorite thing to do as a couple?
well, MY FAVORITE THING might be different than his but it's definately being out on a lake with him. i LOVE to watch him wakeboard.

13. do you have any children?
isla, 4
macrae, 1
babyboy #2, due in 2 months

14. does he have a hidden talent?
you mean BESIDES making sure that all of our kids look just like him?
he makes a MEAN salad. serious. when we were first married we got invited to a party and we had to bring a salad. i was late getting home from work so he made the salad and everyone raved! can you say HOMEMADE CROUTONS????

15. how old is he? 32

16. who said i love you first?
he did. that night at horseshoe lake. i was a bit freaked out but i loved it all the same!

17. what is his favorite type of music?
he keeps saying he doesn't like the new stuff. he's more a radiohead kinda guy. he LOVES radiohead.

18. what do you admire most about him?
electrical? got it. plumbing? does it. DEMOLITION? mastered it. his ability to learn ANY trade and his patience to learn it.

19. do you think he will read this?
he usually only reads my blog every other month. so he might not.

i'm TAGGING: well, no one tagged me so i TAG no one. but if you want to do it too, go ahead.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

i just might bite my own arm off

if brandon doesn't come home soon! what's wrong with me? OH. i'm ohhhnly 7 months pregnant, with a VERY active and VERY curious 1 year old boy, and an extremely smart 4 year old girl. lots of moms do this ALL THE TIME. my sister does it EVERY WEEK. hey, there are MILLIONS of single moms in the world. i just think my pregnant emotions are getting to me. husband, please come home soon and rescue me from the ones i love the most!!

i DON'T mean to sound spoiled. i'm just having ONE OF THOSE DAYS.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just YOU and I

when brandon is out of town, it can get lonely at night. it's usually just isla and i hanging out, watching tv. tonight we were reading blogs together. and she was doing "homework" practicing writing the letter B. NO her preschool does not send home any sort of work for her to do...she asks me for homework. i'm pretty sure things will change dramatically once she really gets homework.

and she also helped me take a picture to post on kjrst's new blog

once we took my picture, she wanted to pose for hers.

this picture was just hanging out on my's one of my favorites of her. she's about a year old here. i HATE how she's getting bigger and older.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Balloons, Baby!

it was sophie's birthday and somehow, macrae had the most fun at the party.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Highschool tag

i was tagged by Becky Sue ...
for those of you who knew me in high school, she was/is my BFF and aunt. how could i NOT respond to her tag? i don't know. i read her cute responses to the high school tag and it made me feel sheepish for some reason???
there is a huge part of me that just feels that my life now is soooo much more perfect. YES i loved high school. those were my glory days! and i also loved college (maybe even more).
BUT if you look to the left you might understand why i'm so happy...
okay, so, you are thinking "duh, you LOVE being a mom. whatever. " or some of you might think, "your husband is soooo handsome, how could you NOT be happy?" hee hee. (at least I think so, right?) but it's more than that. a LOT MORE than that!
after i graduated from high school i thought i would never have as much fun in my life. with no real responsibilities other than just being who/what/where i wanted to be...i had not a care in the world!! then, i went to college and for the first couple of years, nothing even compared to what i had in high school. i was a small fish in a very pretentious BIG pond. i went through some things, went back to school at a different college and loved it just as much as high school (like i said, maybe more). after graduating and entering the real world, looking for a job, going through some tough relationship things, i landed happily with brandon and life was (much more fun but) still NOT AS FUN AS MY YOUNGER DAYS...high school or college. i thought it was over, i would just grow up and hang on to the memories of more exciting times.
AND THEN IT HAPPENED...i got pregnant (which is not the good part). it was not planned and a huge part of me was worried my life would be EVEN more un-fun with a kid in tow. and then i had ISLA. the moment she entered the world i realized i had been soooo wrong!! my life really began that day. the joy i felt made me realize i had completely been misled for so long! infact, the first year of her life felt like a gift EVERY DAY. instead of feeling like a child made it harder for me to go out on a date with brandon, get together with my friends, workout, sleep in, or go shopping, being with her was more fun than any of these things...or all of them combined. just having her made me feel as though i had a REAL purpose. and i loved her so much that just being with her was more exciting than my old life, high school or college. and adding macrae only intensified the love i have for my "job" and my current life.
so now i am pregnant with #3. my mom says i used to tell her that i was going to have a basketball team of kids. i don't know if that meant 5 or 6 (gotta have one on the bench, right?) players. but i am PRETTY darn sure i won't make it to 5. now 4? that's still TBD. anyway, it doesn't matter how many i have, they make my life better with each one. but don't think i haven't forgotten who I WAS in high school. i gave up the jeep but i'm still not driving a minivan.


hello, rachel zoe. you rock my world! shut the door right NOW! i watch her work, shop, and consult and i DO want to die. i am in love with her style and taste and i feel WANT.



oh, and isla just made me pause the show while she got her pajamas on. can you say "TROUBLE?"