Friday, February 25, 2011

We got it!

Isla said it felt like Christmas.
Macrae said it was the most beautiful day.
And Rhett pointed and said "no!" (SNOW)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just a little

A few moments of snow followed by a little sun...leaves very little snow on the ground. 

The kids don't care...something about snow is pure magic. 

Rhett was so excited just to be outside he wouldn't come near me for fear I might drag him back in the house.  (See the smile on his face?)

Macrae was just happy that both his coat and boots are green.  "Green's my favorite color! Thanks for my green coat, mom!"  Apparently it's been so long since he put it on, he forgot it was green. 

You can't see it but Isla made a nametag today that read "Mrs. Parker" because she was planning on playing school with the boys.  Oh, and she brought her hand sanitizer outside because all good teachers use sanitizer.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Funny Valentine

Thanks to the fact that 2 of my friends "liked" two of his friends, in 1992 we went out on our first date;
It was a Valentines Tolo Dance.  
We didn't really talk, let alone even dance together.

Our jeans couldn't be any tighter (but I'm glad they are back in style. haha)  I'm pretty sure he weighed a buck fifteen.  Luckily my "mall bangs" were tamed-ish that night.   

In 2002 we were reunited.  It took us a couple months to realize we had been meant to be together for every Valentine's Day hereafter.  

love you, babe!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy birthday my man

(it's a few weeks late.  but i'm just digging through photos.)

happy birthday my best friend and companion for...ever! i love you!

 -loved all my boys blowing out the candles together.  

Thursday, February 10, 2011


The sun was shining.  I had an old loaf of bread in the fridge.  I took the boys to feed the DUCKS.  
It didn't go as planned...

Stupid Seagulls SWARMING

Rhett runs for his life!