Monday, May 5, 2008


so a few people have sent me emails like this:
"what are you up to? why haven't you updated your blog?"
"i have been busy."
"okay, then let us in on what you have been busy doing."

and well, sometimes you are just busy doing...nothing. blah blah blah. boring. um, cleaning my house, running errands, having kids over to play, weeding the yard, making lunches, changing poopy diapers...etc...the list goes on people. i know! i am sooo exciting these days. whoo hoo.

okay, so my family recently visited OLD MCDEBBIE'S FARM in graham, enumscratch or some other place way out there. we are talkin' full-on-barn,-petting-all-the-farm-animals, fishing, pony rides, and lots of dirt and grass to roam. this place might SOUND like good old fashioned fun...but my family is no ordinary family. oh no. check out the pics of my mom, husband, and brother, each taking their turn making out with a camel. and isla loved the pony rides and they even let her assist in brushing and putting the horse away!


Veronique said...

Looks like fun! Those three pictures gave me a good chuckle! I don't know if I would be brave enough to get that close to a camel. Don't they spit?

TheWinnFamily said...

FINALLY! I admit I was one of those emailers. :) Those pics are hilarious! Okay, so I officially arrived in Oregon at 12:30am last night -I WILL see you soon -cannot wait!!! xo

Rebecca Parker said...

The camel must be a new addition!?! Typical farm animal, eh? And Cole was disappointed the YMCA didn't use one in their Living year they know who to call! You left out Jim's U-Fish-did you save that adventure for another time? Isla looks like a natural equiestrienne-sp? :)