Tuesday, June 17, 2008

good, bad, and ugly

good: breaking news! we are pregnant again!!
bad: i'm pregnant again
ugly: it's unplanned...um, having babies 15 1/2 months apart...?

good: i love my babies/kids so much!!
bad: being pregnant makes me too tired to enjoy them sometimes
ugly: being pregnant makes me feel too sick to enjoy much of anything

good: being pregnant during the summer means being tan and feeling the warmth of the sun
bad: being pregnant this summer means another summer that i can't wakeboard (remember, i was prego last summer too?)
ugly: being pregnant again this summer means maternity swimsuits and a scary prego body

good: this pregnancy has been fairly easy...not as much nausea, and i even ran a 5K last saturday! man, was i slow but it was fun!! and nice to know i can still run (okay, very slow jog, at least)
bad: i'm too tired to go for runs
ugly: i also started working again. man, am I TIRED!

sheesh, i hope this one is a girl!! i have so many cute girl clothes and shoes from isla that could really use some daylight!! and let's be honest...two parker boys so close in age could really be the END of me.


Erin said...

Anna I'll hope for the girl for your sake! 2 Parker/Ginos boys in a row IS the end of me!!! I need a break. Even my Bishop asked me what was going on on sunday during church, he could tell Billy and I had had it with our boys!

laurag said...

I'm glad your pregnancy has been easier this time around...I'm sure it's a girl. :) I'm sorry though that you feel crummy at all, but at least you'll be tan while feeling crummy, right? Let me help out whenever possible.

TheWinnFamily said...

Congratulations my friend! I am super excited to meet/photograph baby #3!!

Jyl... said...

Anna - You will be a great mom of three!!! And don't worry, Drew and Brinley are a little less then 16 months apart and we are still alive. :) Hope you continue to feel good


Rebecca Parker said...

we can enjoy the good, bad & ugly o' pregnancy together this summer although i will represent more of the latter than you my dear. you have a way of making even that condition trendy & fun:) so you must be a good faker if you're not feelin' too hot or it hadn't set in the last time we hung out?!

Kjrsten said...

GIRL GIRL GIRL, I am using "the secret" by sending you girl vibes! I have a cute sweater outfit with HER name all over it! (and matching hat too!)

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Yay for blogging! I have been missing your posts!

1. I am impressed by your marathon running! You are an iron woman!
2. Even pregnant, you can still run more/faster than me.
3. I love the graduation pictures! Don't you think Gabe is finally starting to look a little bit like my precious brother?
4.I miss you
5. We gotta talk some mo
6. I'll call you latah.

Veronique said...

Enjoy it. It'll be over before you know it. Sure easy for me to say right?!

Bryn said...

Holy Cow! Congratulations! The Good news is, you make some cute babies!

Alisa said...

This is a really cute post. I get it--the thing about two parker boys being the end and I won't deny it. So *chanting* be a girl, be a girl, be a girl.
Ok you have to chant for me when I get pregnant (yes we know that is a question mark but - we're being hopeful here.)

The Becks said...

Anna... this is Holly Fish Beck. I linked to your blog through Erin. Congratualtions! Ginger is sweating it a little bit having her #2 and upcoming #3 (due in Sept) so close together... 14 months. Can I just tell you your kids are so cute? Isla is so Parker.

Libby said...

congrats!! that is very exciting- crazy but for sure exciting! those 2 little boys would have SO much fun together- causing trouble.
hey, how did you do your template? where did you get the layout? i really like the size of the post section.
being prego in the summer stinks BIG time!

noelle said...

my two oldest kiddos are 15 months and 9 days apart. I felt preggers FOREVER...actually I guess I was!!!

Congrats...and enjoy being able to indulge a little more this summer. And take a nap! :o)

lrbodine said...

Congrats! I'll cross my fingers that this one is a girl for you.