Tuesday, October 30, 2007

mare, this one's for you...

marion, your boo is getting much fatter. we are talking rolls in the thighs (yum!)--like three of them on each leg. oh yeah! it's delicious! too bad he doesn't like being photographed...he's so ashamed of his size!

we carve our family

and then we carved our pumpkins...isla says this is the pumpkin family. the baby is obvious...but incase you were wondering, the mom is the angry one. thanks a lot. but i guess it's probably true. ha!

'tis true, 'tis true, i'm now 32

so, i turned 32 last week. is that old? when i was in my twenties, i thought 32 was officially old. but now that i am here...the 30's are the new 20's i say! heh heh. i was treated to a day in seattle. lunch at the cheesecake factory and shopping with my mom and kjrst. it's so great to be in anthro again, after being prego. yippy! and sunday dinner was complete with a cake studio delight! yum!! i ate about half of it. and am now on baked goods detox for a week...and that includes halloween!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who Are YOU...?

he looks so much like isla when she was a baby...and when i look at him, i mostly see brandon. i mean, he's a total "mini-me" when brandon is holding him. but some say he looks like my brother, andrew...even i see that at moments. i don't know if it's the "blobby-ness" that reminds me of andrew as a baby. but this kid is a tank. he eats all day and all night. he sleeps and he eats. that is what new babies do, i know. but he's getting huge. see for yourself. (sorry, i can't decide which pic is the cutest so i'm just posting them all)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rain or shine, we get a pumpkin!

so today was preschool field trip day...to the Shilter Farm. this place is gorgeous...old nisqualley basin.

today was a fall day out of the story books. i kept trying to get isla to pose "just so" with the orange and yellow trees in the background. it was all out raining like it does here and i did not bring an umbrella because TRUE washingtonians DO NOT carry umbrellas. but did the rain stop the 3 and 4 year olds from having fun? no way! i'm talkin' petting the barn (isla called it a "varn") animals, riding the hay ride, doin' the hay maze, and pickin a pumpkin--in the rain.

i could not resist taking of picture of her touching her nose...the lady in the "varn" said "touch your nose if you can hear me" and she kept her finger on her nose the whole time. it was too cute.

then, we pick her pumpkin... she walked that whole patch to find just the right one. they said, "if you can carry it, you can have it." and thank goodness! i was NOT about to haul the big ole 20 pound pumpkin she wanted. there i am in the pouring rain with Macrae in the baby bjorn sleeping but getting soaked...and i'm trying to bend over and pick up a pumkpin? i told her she had to be able to pick it up. so we settled on a 3 pounder charlie brown pumpkin. perfect! and we rode the hay ride back. what a day! i needed a nap.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

let's talk about your big butt

okay, okay, i give in already!

everyone i know has a really big but (it's just ME that has the big BUTT)
a blog or webpage or myspace or whatever...

everyone has pictures of themselves on the web...somewhere

so, here's mine...my big BUT
i didn't want to BLOG because i'm a middle of the road, boring, every-day, stay-at-home (for now), mother of two. and here's my daily routine...we get up (late because i have a newborn), get bathed, dressed, and eat something-usually. then i pick up toys, make the beds, do the dishes, start some laundry, and try to get out of the house.
here's my BUT...

previous to the arrival of child #2 i worked part time. and what i used to think of as "work" was actually my luxury. i didn't know how great i had it. don't get me wrong. i love my babies. i love time with them. but it's days like today that i wish i had my old part-time/oxbow mortgage/assistant to duff/marketing manager/ME time back. i mean, how bad is work if you only do it part time and it's with duff??? because, most of the time it was just me and duff going to lunch at the Keg or goofing off (just like the old plush pippin and harley days). duff and i have worked together a long time...it's going to be tough NOT working with duff. and it's going to be tougher than i thought NOT working at ALL.
so here i am, looking for a place to "unload" it all...

here's how today started off---
first, it was crying over not being able to find the princess panties that we had bought at Target the day before. and yes, i did just say "panties." we cry over panties. and then it was the socks and the way i had put them on her...and then it was having to carry her own doll to the car...and on and on.
yes, i love her. she is the apple of my eye. she is the reason i decided to make another baby. i loved it so much-and still do. but sometimes i just feel crazy.

so...i started this blog to be like everyone else. and put my big butt out here on the web for all to analyze. or not. maybe no one will read this. who cares.

i want to start running again. my butt really IS big right now. i NEED to start running again. but WHEN?? in between feeding sessions in the morning? i really don't know. i'm going on little sleep and by that, i mean this baby eats every 2 hours through the night. i praise him when he gives me 3 full hours of rest in a ROW! yes!