Friday, December 26, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

this is REAL snow

we don't get much snow here in the PNW. i think our house is exactly 100 feet above sea level (or something like that) and about 3 miles from the bay so that COULD be the reason we never get a white christmas. except THIS YEAR! it dumped and dumped. (forgive the lateness of this news story, i was pregnant AND enjoying the holidays...okay, just lazy).
here's a few pics of the 6-8 inches of white bliss we experienced this year...

oh, and let's not forget the dog my dad saved from the half frozen water ... almost brought my dad to his chilling death this year...

He Went to JARED!

brandon was taking isla on his errands the other day. they are driving up 38th street, going to costco, when isla exclaims "dad, look it's jared!"
brandon looks around scanning the street for a PERSON, doesn't see someone he KNOWS and says, "where isla?"
"right THERE, dad, it's jared. SEEEE." pointing to Jared, the Galleria of Jewelry.
"what?" brandon, still a little confused...
when she starts into the commercial, "he gives her flowers. he takes her to dinner. HE WENT TO JARED."
brandon starts to laugh.
"dad, did you get mom's ring at JARED?"
to which brandon replies, "no."

is this brilliant marketing toward children? or should Jared look at hiring a new writer for their commercials? you decide.

Friday, December 12, 2008

NO Charlie Brown Trees at our house

(at least not this year)

i dragged the family to the schilter family farm again...this time, no pumpkins, just trees. oh, and dirt. both the boys in our family got down in the dirt. maybe you can tell me if you think they had any fun...
isla sizes up the tree she wants...

charlie brown (i mean, macrae) finds his tree.
the boys cut it down. how much does brandon LOVE macrae's help??
let's see, now who is going to carry MY tree all the way back to the car? too bad i had to choose a BIG ONE.
hey guys...i got my stick! wait for me!

the disclaimer...a little update

this goes out to all of you who have been hounding me to blog something.

i am a LOT pregnant...due in a couple weeks. imagine how comfortable i feel every day. yah. oh, and i have been washing, folding, and organizing the new boy's stuff. which means going through the closets and cleaning out the stuff i don't need to make room! i still don't know where we are going to put him after he graduates from my room in a few weeks. the office is an option but it's FULL. oh well, i will figure that out later.

i'm tired. for the last two nights, i got up with macrae in the middle of the night. he has a cold. and then when i went back to bed the contractions started. nothing to get excited about. just lots of discomfort. i knew it wasn't the real deal. nonetheless, it wasn't easy to get back to sleep.

i have a 15 month old baby boy. he's wild and weird. he gets into everything. he needs to be watched and mother-henned. i haven't been to more than the first hour of church in over two months. he's a little crazy. my dad nicknamed him "Lumpy" (not after my favorite club in salt lake) because he always has a new lump on his head or face. no joke. this kid bounces into walls, tables, desks, chairs, doesn't phase him...he just keeps on truckin.

it's christmas. i am due soon...and i want to have all my christmas shopping, decorating, and such all done. decorating cookies MIGHT be optional this year, but shopping for brandon and the kids is not. oh, and having it all wrapped is on my to-do list as well. i'm pretty much done already and that feels great. but there are a few loose ends. oh, and the christmas cards will be going out soon!!

aside from all of these things...i am feeling really good! and i'm happy. i can't wait for the boy to get here and join our family!!

keep hounding me to post if you wish...just know i'm not intentionally ignoring my friends.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

4-4 photo tag

i was tagged by becky
i guess it's supposed to be the 4th folder and the 4th photo
this was isla on her birthday this year...hanging out the window wearing my sunnies.