Monday, March 29, 2010

this guy makes donuts?

the first year we were married he made these. i couldn't stop eating them so i gave them to all of our neighbors in the apartment complex. they were thrilled to recieve them! i was relieved to have them out of my sticky hands. he hasn't made them since...until now...

Friday, March 19, 2010

bubble magic

when i was a little girl there was a restaurant called "pizza and pipes." this was no ordinary pizza place. on the inside it looked more like an old church-turned-pizza-joint! it was dark. the arcade was small. the main attraction was a giant organ. that's right i said organ. AND best part of the organ was the request list. AND anyone could request any song they wanted. AND every so often a bubble machine on the ceiling turned on. i vividly remember requesting micheal jackson THRILLER and wishing so hard that the bubbles would come on during my song!

then one day (while i was away at college) it burned down! R.I.P. Pizza and Pipes. this blog post is for you!

today i bought a bubble machine. the best $20 i ever spent. (the kids also wanted the sandbox shaped like a boat but i didn't have $130. can you just imagine a sandbox with a bubble machine INSIDE it??? oh, the glory!) but really, the glory and joy that bubbles bring to the world!
~enjoy!! (and then run to costco and get your own)

(i apologize in advance for the massive amount of pictures)

the little spots on this next one are from a bubble popping! can't you just feel the joy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

peep houses

yesterday was sunny. but cold. we were going to brave the park anyway...until no one else wanted to go. luckily i have a friend who felt bad that no one wanted to go to the park with us and she invited my brood to her house.

i had this grand idea of making cute little chicken coups for the peeps. but...most of the coups turned out a little more ghetto than i had imagined. the kids were easily entertained.

just a peak

should i tell you all what i'm doing right now? well, as a matter of fact, i'm sitting at my computer drinking a diet coke (so weird) and munching on some delicious chocolates my mom just dropped off to me. and can i just tell you also that these chocolates are completely what the doctor ordered today! incase you are curious they are vanilla salted caramels by theo's (in freemont) (and by the way freemont might be one of my favorite places in the state of WA). was that grammatically correct?

so, life has been a little crazy for me lately. sometimes (okay, most of the time) i feel like i run all day and still don't get it all done. and well, it also seems like no one notices that i'm the only one left without my needs being met. this is the life of a mom, right? of course right.

that is all. oh, and more pictures to be posted. soon. promise. it's on my to-do list.

(oh, someone put a piece of a cracker into my H drive today. that's my memory card reader. i wonder who could have done that!?)

Monday, March 15, 2010

fat babies

are the best kind there is

he still makes this face

i can't believe he ever looked like this

all photos courtesy of molly

Friday, March 12, 2010

my cameos

can i be completely honest here? i can? oh thank you.

we didn't get out much this week. motherhood has been tough on me lately.

isla is definitely my bright shining star! she is getting herself up and dressed and was on time for school 4 days this week. (this in and of itself is a miracle in our world). she is helpful and happy. we were at a jump-castle birthday party the other day and she came running after me very worried and stressed out saying "mom! macrae is stuck on the slide!!" and then macrae showed up at the bottom. she's the other mother in this house.

as the boys get older and more busy i get a little more stressed out at what they are getting into. macrae is unquestionably in the "2's" right now, trying to figure out his place in this world...our little world, anyway.

rhett had a shiner last week (you can see it here) from the heating vent macrae threw at him (just for fun). and now he has another bruised cheek and thigh since the 50 pound vintage -door-mirror pancaked him. the moment i saw him dislodge it my heart stopped and i couldn't get to him fast enough. of course he was fine. of course? but well, it made me really upset. i went into this momentary insanity and i moved completely instinctively to save him. and then i instantly thought to myself, "i can't be a mother. i can't do this." i was completely tired afterward. like i thought i wanted to crawl into my bed for 3 hours. this is normal. right? never mind.

anyway, one day i was trying to take silhouette pictures of the kids so i can frame each one and update them year after year. and here's a few other photos i got from the session.

just enjoy the pictures of my comments on this one, sorry.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

water baby

he even loves floating on his back in a life jacket. he'll scream to get into the shower with anyone who is in there. he goes running as fast as his little legs can take him and jumps into the bath (clothes on or off) as soon as he can hear the water running.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

this is for real

the only snow we have seen this winter.
march 8th, 2010

i lasted all of 25 minutes.

Monday, March 8, 2010

boo boo's surprise

the bait: lilli's puppet show (no talking)the surprisee: booboo (he almost didn't come down)
some of the guests:
happy birthday song: bella accompanying all of us
macrae pops a balloon. of course!