Friday, May 23, 2008

oh, how i missed you!

my miss molly came home to see her family (and me) last week! we haven't seen each other in something like 10 years! it's toooo crazy! we had such a great time at Europa (yummy!) and then she took the most amazing pics of my kids! (check them out at her blog)
i love you molly!!


TheWinnFamily said...

Love you Anna, had SO much fun!!

Kjrsten said...

MOLLY is SO talented! WOW, just breathtaking photos. (and adorable children with a hot mama too!)

Alisa said...

I remember Molly- we were friends- I didn't know you still kept in touch with her. I'll go say hi!

I have that same shirt Mac is wearing for Sam- they should wear them together when you come out - hee hee

Laura Call said...

Oh my goodness!... this picture of you and macrae is the absolute cutest thing EVER!!!! It is just so precious.

So fun that you got to meet up with Molly and have such a great time... you both look great in that photo together!