Thursday, November 27, 2008

having a happy thanksgiving

in my family thanksgiving always meant lots of really good food. oh, and pies, pies, pies. let me just say, my dad is a fantastic cook!! nowadays, not much has changed. i married into a family with the same holiday priorities. my mother-in-law makes martha stewart look like a wannabe. her food is to die for and i love spending time where the food is always cooked to perfection. thus, the need for my other blog (the one i keep private. ha ha)

today, i am thankful for so many things! but i'm going to try and keep this short...a list of 10 will do.

i have the greatest in-laws. not only, did i marry into the most amazing family! but my brother duff married the most perfect girl! my brother, andrew brought the most lovely sister into our family this summer. and my other brother keith, just got engaged to the sweetest girl, i can't wait until she is my sister, too!!

my husband. he is smart, funny, incredibly handsome, and makes me feel like i struck gold by having him next to me every night. he is my soul mate and i love him!!

my immediate family. i was raised by the most amazing parents who taught me to love God, Jesus, and myself. they also never let an accomplishment go unnoticed. and they also taught me about consequences. i have 5 of the most loving siblings. we are ALL best friends. how many people can say that about their sibs? not many.

living in the northwest. i was raised here and i don't mind the rain, much. i do HOWEVER LOVE the green. we have the most beautiful summers. gorgeous mountains and lakes.

my faith. as an LDS (born and raised) woman, i am so grateful for the belief that Christ lives.

being a woman...and that i am a woman in a time when being female sometimes can feel like the uncool, unpopular, and debiliating thing to be. i love being a woman. i love bringing my children into the world. i love being feminine. the job of a stay-at-home mom is NOT easy. believe me, i have done both. some might view what i do every day as boring or mindless. but it is definately everything BUT! my children bring the most joy into my life. and taking time out for them every day brings me no greater satisfaction in my calling in life.

ancestors. i have a strong heritage of grandparents and great grandparents who came before me and paved my way to be able to enjoy all that i have today. last year my grandma dyer passed away. in my heart i can feel her example of love, kindness, patience, and happiness in her family. i miss her every day but her memory is still with me.

freedom. a free country to practice my religion, spread my own beliefs, and live as i do. freedom does not come without a price and i am grateful for all who have fought to keep our country free and safe.

talents. i grew up feeling talented in music, athletics, academics, and such. now, some of my talents are more hard to define. i don't play the violin anymore (brandon complains that i have never played it for him). but, for instance, i'm a pretty good cook and scrapbooker. i'm sure there are many others who are better than me at lots of things. but i don't feel pressure, i just love who i am.

my babies. when i was pregnant with macrae my family thought it was nothing short of a miracle. when i got isla i thought i had won the lottery. and then my boy came. he's a nut. and lots of fun in his own way. AND lots of work.

there you have it. merry thanksgiving to all, and to all a good dinner!

Friday, November 21, 2008

it's ANOTHER girl?

AS IF it wasn't ENOUGH that andrew found alexis and made her our sister last summer?? but now keith has gone and closed his trapline on this sweet JENNY girl! we love her already!! (isn't she a babe?) and just what i need...ANOTHER SISTER!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

my surprise

when i went into macrae's room to check on him tonight...i could NOT resist taking a picture of what i found...

goodnight my sweet boy. (oh, and anyone who thought i might have been exaggerating about the bite marks he has made in his crib-which was new when he was born-the evidence is pretty clear in these pictures)