Monday, July 28, 2008

All That Sparkles is Not Lost

the title of my 1983 Young Author's Conference Best Seller...and this weekend my sister, kjrsten, actually recovered the stolen necklace! don't ask me how she did it...clearly, she's a vintage shopper with a keen eye!

she claims she picked it up for me in return for watching her three perfect angels while she was in utah galivanting with our brothers. i was a little jealous that she was going. but in return i got 3 days with her little girls. sure, they slept at Ganzie's house but i got to parade around town with them during the day! oh, we went to the Point Defiance Zoo AND the B&, let me ask you...who really missed out on the fun last weekend? that's right, kjrsten did. yet, i'm the one who got a diamond necklace out of the deal.

thanks, sis.
(by the way, i just updated our summer so scroll down for more)

Monday, July 14, 2008

i'm here...I KNOW, RIGHT?

it's true. i have been down and out. so much has happened in the last few weeks that i feel the need to update. it's a serious dilema with me. however, my need for sitting on the couch or laying still in my bed wins the battle every time!! until now...

be aware, i am about to post many a post and will try to date them when they actually HAPPENED.

first, let me just say that last week was crazy. it started on the 4th of july...

mac wasn't feeling well. he and i left the party early (7:30) to get some rest. i put him in bed, laid on my bed and was out. lame. i never thought i could BE this person. the REAL me would never miss a if my life depends on social events...well, it used to anyway. but i was so tired!

macrae apparently had hand-foot-mouth and by the time we took him to the doc for what we thought was an ear infection (OH, and he had that too) we was diagnosed with hand-foot-mouth, allergies, and eczema. we were given a steroid for the eczema which turned out to be a breading ground for hand-foot-mouth making it more like head-shoulders-knees-and-toes (also his arms, between fingers, legs, oh, and diaper area).
see what i mean?? very awesome. please don't turn me in. i promise, i am a GOOD MOM. although, i felt like a loser last week. he was feeling better by thursday.

then isla woke up friday with a freakish tumor on her jaw, right under her ear. she said it hurt. she had a fever. i gave her some advil and watched her. it grew. crazy. twice the size by lunch. the fever was going crazy. there she is swimming in my mom's pool with her teeth chattering. so we went to the doctor...where they were "pretty sure" it was just a swollen gland. they acted a bit baffled. infact, the doctor even called in a second doctor to take a look at it and see what he thought. VERY reassuring. although they had no idea why it was swollen since she hadn't been previously sick or showing signs of a cold they didn't send us to the hospital right away. she got a high dosage antibiotic shot and we were told to come back the next day. AND if it wasn't better the next day, we would be seeing ourselves to the ER to have a CAT-scan and thave it drained. seriously?

the next day the fever was gone but she still couldn't eat and the tumor had not gone down at all. so the doctor was optimistic and told us we could get on an oral antibiotic and wait another day to see what would happen to the size of the swelling.

luckily, the next day it was down. she has been feeling better and her cheek is returning to normal. she seems fine. however, i did take her in for a blood test today just to make sure something crazy is not going on. and well, isla having her blood drawn with the squirrely veins she was blessed with...that was so fun for us!!