Monday, May 19, 2008

Olympia Children's Museum

we should be elated that there's a children's museum in tacoma since it's soooo close and convenient to visit. right? oh, uh, i don't know if you've heard...but it pretty much sucks. it's WAY too expensive for the size and um, we were bored within minutes. i couldn't wait to get out of there! oh, and i couldn't take my 26 pound massive baby in a stroller. so, there i am carrying a small-biggish person in a baby bjorn while my daughter wanders this 800 square foot (that's a generous estimate) "wonder" of rooms. it took us a whole 30 minutes to be completely bored and feel totally cheated out of $8 a person. there's my assessment.

now, we recently visited the olympia children's museum. and yes, it is about 10 minutes further away from my house than the local museum. HOWEVER, it is sooooo cool! immediately, isla and her friend, victoria, were entertained in a very elaborate store with choosing foods, shopping, and using a cash register. and that was just the beginning. not to mention, they let me take macrae in the stroller. THANK YOU! and it's a good thing, too because we spent 3 hours in that place! i won't go into all of the museums' offerings, because i don't want to bore you. but, if you are ever in town, it's a sweet place to take the kids. and here's a few snaps for evidence.

here's the stage...budding actresses here....look out General Hospital, these girls are dramatic!
that's me in the sound booth. i was so good, i should be in movie production. not. i was a little obsessed with the thunder sound.
oh, the wonder of the fishtank above...
forget the fish! i'm driving a boat!!
yee haw! this is fun!

isla and victoria are making sandwiches in the deli. good practice for their summer jobs.
oh, mac-chubbies, just loves to be tickled by the flowers.
this picture just proves that self-tanners really do work. is it too much? ugh.


TheWinnFamily said...

Sorry you had a bad experience at the museum -boo! On a good note-you look so beautiful in that picture with Isla! I don't think the tanner is too much. :)
PS Can we play with you on Friday?

ashley said...

You look so cute! Those kids seem to have so much fun.

Erin said...

Can I just eat Macrae's chubby little arms? So cute! He looks so much like Brandon, I can't wait to see that guy! I hope he'll let me hold him!

Bryn said...

What a fun place, we need one of those. those pictures of your baby in the boat are too cute and you look great!
I just read the post about Kjrsten, your scoring points, thats really sweet. one day I just know that Haley will be blogging that kind of stuff about me. Maybe that should be the other way around.

Kjrsten said...

I am loving the last two pictures of MAC-BUBBAS! he be da happy boy!

Only go the T-town museum when it is free on farmers market day! that is the only way it is worth your money... HA, HA!
You are funny playing in the sound booth.

The tan looks good!

Rebecca Parker said...

so I need the self tanner too...not only would i like to be as stylish as you, but i gotta @ least darken my skin if it's gonna be ever-stretching especially now that it's raining today again-ugh! so what brand do you like? I echo the sentiments re: Childrens' Museum too (Tacoma vs. Olympia); however, seemed like more to do @ latter for girls if i'm gonna be stereotypical-it's been a while since we ventured down there though!?! gotta think o' somethin' fun to do for memorial day! what are your plans? reminds me of chelan & we gotta start thinkin' o' seabrook, eh?

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

I think the tanner looks great... And the chubbas... wow... could he be more fat and delicious. At least you guys don't have to buy food storage... you could just roast that little sucker and eat for MONTHS!

julie said...

"small-biggish person" just says it all... hilarious! We're going to be visiting a lot of children's museums and any other summer time-passers during our 3 1/2 month-long summer.

You're such a good blogger--I love being able to see how your kids are growing and changing. And Isla lost a tooth! Amazing. Simon's turing 6 in a month and hasn't lost any yet. He does have one loose one--same place as Isla's--I'll have to try your "accidental knockout" trick!

Courtenay said...

If you want to make the Tacoma Museum a place you'd like to go (or go more often) fill out their survey:

They are looking to build a bigger museum and want input.