Monday, January 28, 2008

Hello??? (echo echo echo)

it's been a while. yes. how do i explain myself? well, i was...busy? yeah, that's it, i was busy.

but honestly?? i don't know what i'm doing with this blogging thing. i've been blogging about my kids and my weight loss all in the same blog and well, it leaves me a little perplexed. you too? well, what can we do about it? i'll be thinking about that and get back to it later.

anyway, last week brandon turned 32. we had a killer party on friday with about 30 people. what a great group of friends we have!!

and my sister was here with her girls for the weekend. we went running on saturday in the rain/sleet. i love running again! i took her on my new favorite 4 mile run. it's about 50% up hill. the other half is both flat and down hill. i don't know why i like it so much because it should be a killer (not in a good way) with about 2 miles of hills but i love it!! i love that i can do it! i'm considering training for another half marathon. i REALLY want to do the salt lake marathon! it's in april so i don't know if i have enough time to train. i have to lose about 5 more pounds before i start training. last time i trained i didn't lose any weight and it wasn't good for my body. so, we'll see.

and i made it through the birthday weekend eating only about 3 pieces of cake. which is good, huh? considering i normally eat whatever is left over. what can i say, i make some really yummy cake. ahhhh, bake goods!!

as for the weight loss...i have now lost a total of 7 pounds since my bet with dietcokeandzingers. so, i guess i should feel proud. but i don't. i don't know why. is it because the "bet" has fizzled?


KariAnn said...
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HappyBlogChick said...

It sounds like you've been having fun and doing well, too. 7 lbs is greatness, as is only eating 3 pieces of cake.

I think the fizzled-ness is the time of year. You've got a lot to be proud of - stick with it and you'll feel it soon.

KariAnn said...

I'm with ya on the blog dilemma. I haven't posted about my family much because it seems like the wrong place with all my weight stuff. I'm excited to see how you resolve it.

It's good to hear from you and congrats on the 7 lbs! You conquered the cake, too!

Swizzlepop said...

Just remember it's your blog so you can write about what you want. You can also create another blog that would just be for your family only stuff. Do what works for you just don't go away. YAY for the 7 lb loss, I can totally see a difference in your face. And only 3 pieces of cake is a huge NSV especially since I know how much you love your baked goods :)

Kjrsten said...

HEY IS THAT KATIE HOLMES? ONLY WITH MORE PERSONALITY!!!! I am sorry I keep saying that but I can't help it because a.) your hair-guy cuts SOOOO well b.) you totally rock that style! SWING OUT SISTA! LOVED that run & loved the party (post some more pics of gang)

julie said...

I've enjoyed everything you've posted! Congrats on 7 pounds--that's so great.

Oh, and happy late birthday to Brandon!

Melissa said...

Hellllllllo hottie, I love your hair!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Don't worry Anna... I'm still coming to visit... I may not wait until I lose 10 pounds to come... I'm approaching my one year Weight Watchers Anniversary and I've lost 41 pounds! That is something worth celebrating! You'll probably lose 10 pounds before I do, but that's alright- any excuse to go to Anthony's for lunch and slump works for me! Maybe I should come visit when YOU'VE lost 10 pounds!