Thursday, March 18, 2010

peep houses

yesterday was sunny. but cold. we were going to brave the park anyway...until no one else wanted to go. luckily i have a friend who felt bad that no one wanted to go to the park with us and she invited my brood to her house.

i had this grand idea of making cute little chicken coups for the peeps. but...most of the coups turned out a little more ghetto than i had imagined. the kids were easily entertained.


Molly Gehring said...

oh, what nice friends you have :) And, I'm sorry nothing could be more ghetto than greta's hair in this pict. The chicken coups where a great idea. Thank goodness you brought an activity. that was the only sane 30 minutes of the play date.

Molly W. said...

too creative my dear. :) hooray for friends!

Andrea said...

Those are totally cute! Now I'm going to do that with my kids. Thanks for the idea- you good mom, you.. :)