Friday, March 12, 2010

my cameos

can i be completely honest here? i can? oh thank you.

we didn't get out much this week. motherhood has been tough on me lately.

isla is definitely my bright shining star! she is getting herself up and dressed and was on time for school 4 days this week. (this in and of itself is a miracle in our world). she is helpful and happy. we were at a jump-castle birthday party the other day and she came running after me very worried and stressed out saying "mom! macrae is stuck on the slide!!" and then macrae showed up at the bottom. she's the other mother in this house.

as the boys get older and more busy i get a little more stressed out at what they are getting into. macrae is unquestionably in the "2's" right now, trying to figure out his place in this world...our little world, anyway.

rhett had a shiner last week (you can see it here) from the heating vent macrae threw at him (just for fun). and now he has another bruised cheek and thigh since the 50 pound vintage -door-mirror pancaked him. the moment i saw him dislodge it my heart stopped and i couldn't get to him fast enough. of course he was fine. of course? but well, it made me really upset. i went into this momentary insanity and i moved completely instinctively to save him. and then i instantly thought to myself, "i can't be a mother. i can't do this." i was completely tired afterward. like i thought i wanted to crawl into my bed for 3 hours. this is normal. right? never mind.

anyway, one day i was trying to take silhouette pictures of the kids so i can frame each one and update them year after year. and here's a few other photos i got from the session.

just enjoy the pictures of my comments on this one, sorry.