Thursday, March 18, 2010

just a peak

should i tell you all what i'm doing right now? well, as a matter of fact, i'm sitting at my computer drinking a diet coke (so weird) and munching on some delicious chocolates my mom just dropped off to me. and can i just tell you also that these chocolates are completely what the doctor ordered today! incase you are curious they are vanilla salted caramels by theo's (in freemont) (and by the way freemont might be one of my favorite places in the state of WA). was that grammatically correct?

so, life has been a little crazy for me lately. sometimes (okay, most of the time) i feel like i run all day and still don't get it all done. and well, it also seems like no one notices that i'm the only one left without my needs being met. this is the life of a mom, right? of course right.

that is all. oh, and more pictures to be posted. soon. promise. it's on my to-do list.

(oh, someone put a piece of a cracker into my H drive today. that's my memory card reader. i wonder who could have done that!?)

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