Friday, March 19, 2010

bubble magic

when i was a little girl there was a restaurant called "pizza and pipes." this was no ordinary pizza place. on the inside it looked more like an old church-turned-pizza-joint! it was dark. the arcade was small. the main attraction was a giant organ. that's right i said organ. AND best part of the organ was the request list. AND anyone could request any song they wanted. AND every so often a bubble machine on the ceiling turned on. i vividly remember requesting micheal jackson THRILLER and wishing so hard that the bubbles would come on during my song!

then one day (while i was away at college) it burned down! R.I.P. Pizza and Pipes. this blog post is for you!

today i bought a bubble machine. the best $20 i ever spent. (the kids also wanted the sandbox shaped like a boat but i didn't have $130. can you just imagine a sandbox with a bubble machine INSIDE it??? oh, the glory!) but really, the glory and joy that bubbles bring to the world!
~enjoy!! (and then run to costco and get your own)

(i apologize in advance for the massive amount of pictures)

the little spots on this next one are from a bubble popping! can't you just feel the joy!


Kjrsten said...

magical indeed! I love that second one of macrackin especially! I'm getting one of these as soon as I get back from behind the zion curtain.

flexMD said...

I love these!! MAgical!!! I wish I was playing with these little babies and bubbles! MISS you! love you!

Keirra Dyer said...

cute, cute, cute pics miss anna girl! i love bubbles..the machines are even better then you don't get light-headed! he, he!

enickel said...
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Molly W. said...

dude...I totally remember Pizza and Pipes, ah...the memories. Love the photos, fun light, fun kids, fun times. xo