Monday, November 12, 2007

reminisce on the love we had

all of my girlfriends from college were at rosa's wedding. quite a reunion, complete with dancing to some hip hop straight out of 1999. back in those days, there were about 10 of us girls who were as tight as family, they were my family then. and as fate would have it, all but one of us left our significant others at home (not planned) so it truly was a weekend "just like old times." while we have all grown up and become responsible adults, it was fun to reminisce on the days when we were care-free, a bit wild, and very crazy. these girls each have a special place in my heart. we carried each other through some very tough situations (and rucks) and helped each other to enjoy every minute of every day. we never missed a night out on the town in SLC. and we never took what we had (each other) for granted. in those days i felt the world was mine and i have these girls to thank for that. i didn't realize how much i missed them and love them all until this weekend.

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