Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Halloweeners and Things

yes, it's a little late. but i have been feeling a little crazy these days. so, here is PRINCESS GENEVIVE from the 12 Dancing Barbies movie. and NO, i DO NOT SEW, this was purchased.

isla has been obsessed with this princess for over a year now...so this was her dream come true...

she filled up that whole pink bucket at the trunk-or-treat and couldn't carry it....but lucky for us (and brandon's sunday school class) she only ate a few items before bed and hasn't asked where the candy went.

and if you are wondering where macrae is...well, he was a no show for the festivities! that guy fell asleep on the way to tricks-or-treats and slept all the way until we were done. so i didn't even put him in his costume which was going to be a chili pepper. and i'm not the kinda mom to put him in it for the picture...i guess i could have but then i would feel obligated to scrapbook a whole page around it. ha ha-not really.

and incase you were wondering, I DID MAKE IT through detox last week...halloween festivities and all! i recruited my sister, marion, to come on board with me so that made it easier. we called each other when we were feeling weak. candy bars and such are not my weakness (as discussed) but halloween was still hard. i made chocolate/marshmallow/pretzel spiders with isla for her preschool party and i popped one into my mouth without even thinking!! oops! i realized how many cookies, candies, and what-not i put into my mouth without even calculating it. just getting throught BREAKFAST without doing it was hard!

so now maybe i can be a more normal dessert partaker...? i hope.

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kjrsten said...

I love her princess hair! And her candy bucket is so fancy too! I completely O.D.ed on candy this halloween, it makes me sick thinking about it! good for you, I wish I had detoxed with you...