Monday, November 26, 2007

blessing a 9 month old baby

at least that is how it looked...
people kept asking me, "now how old is he?" because brandon football carried him up to the stand and it was obvious to the congregation that this baby was NOT a newborn. yup, 15 pounds. heh heh. he's still yummy, though.


Given Grace said...

This is my first time visiting your site and I just had to comment on what a cutie your baby is. He is so precious, he reminds me of my oldest...nice and healthy is what our doctor use to say. He's 21 now and skinny as a rail!

Congrats on your weight loss too. Im always trying to lose myself...lately it has been the one or two pounds a week...but at this point I'm really proud of that pound! Keep up the good work!

Steph said...

He is adorable!!! What a sweet chubby little face!

Your losses are great - keep it up. BTW, why is it that we think "dieting" has to be hard.....I do that too - like the scale is going to pay me more if I'm starving???

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Can you kiss him for me? Maybe bite him a little bit too, but not too hard, okay? I hate that I'm missing his very cutest new baby time... I so want to visit but alas, it is not to be anytime soon!

As for the loss- HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!! You know da kine?

KariAnn said...

Love your site, especially the title! It makes for great study breaks, although I'd much rather study them, than my classes!

You're rocking the weight loss! I'll be joining you in January. I have to lose the 25 I've gained this year ;( You're an inspiration! Save me a run...someday.

marie said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and being so lovely.

Your munchkins are GORGEOUS!

Congrats on your losses so far. Weight loss is hard and comes at a snail's pace, but it will come, believe me :)

Best of luck :)

Kjrsten said...


I want to see your advent calander, is it ready for show and tell yet?!

Liza said...

That is exactly how Sam was when I blessed him so awesome-- I got the same comments about his size. Like I have said just caring for a baby that size is a workout. I love his blessing outfit and I searched far and wide for something like that when I blessed Sam to no avail.