Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Did this "storm" really get dubbed Snowmageddon?  Yes, truly, it did.  I heard it on the news a few times and laughed to myself.  I mean, it's only 6-9 inches.  But whatever.  A true winter storm around the Pacific Northwest is a rarity.  So when the snow predictions started last Sunday, I was more than skeptical.  I thought it was bunk.  Steve Pool was assuring us that the storm was coming.  And it was going to be anywhere from 6-12 inches.  It started on Sunday with an inch or two and then melted but each day has been a little more snow...until today, we got dumped on.  And it is glorious!! Since our city has one lowly snow plow school, work and most activities are completely cancelled. Everyone just gets out and enjoys the snow.  It's like Christmas (without the presents!)

Rhettsy loved it from the moment he saw it and spends most of his time just digging and swimming in it. Jumping up and landing on his belly or backside and then doing the crawl stroke.  Good thing I got him this one-piece snowbunny suit because even though he's immersed in the snow he stays completely dry.

Snow ball fights...someone always ends up crying but they love it anyway.  

 After all of our snow was used up yesterday, we went to Gannah's to mess hers up!  She doesn't need it anyway.  Great idea, huh?
 And tonight...another adventure picking the icicles off of the light.  

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