Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All About RHETT

Rhett woke up on his 3rd birthday (December 29th) and asked WHERE his birthday was! This kid keeps me laughing, for sure.  He didn't start talking until 2 months ago and what do you know, his words came out in full sentences.  Not too long ago, out of the blue he said to me "mom, people like my hair."  Clearly, he has been "with us" much longer than we thought.  His red hair is fading but his cowlick still remains.  He wants to do everything Macrae does (including going to school).  He's a lefty and already has a pretty good arm on him!  (Brandon is so proud)  And although his diet is pretty well rounded with fruits and vegetables, he loves carbs and sugar! (Gannah is so proud)  Also, this boy will NOT do what he does not want to do.  He is very strong willed! (STUBBORN-his gannah is so proud!)

(oh, how i wish this photo was in focus)
 This boy loves bowling!  So for his birthday we went bowling with all his cousins...and he loved it! 

he was thrilled that it was HIS birthday this time.  whenever we celebrate someone else's birthday he has to take a turn at blowing out the candles.  so this time, the candles were all his and he was quite pleased.  

When he was born I thought for sure I would have another child.  Until he started moving.  And then I thought, he was my "sign" that I was done.  He is so busy!! He is getting a little less high maintenance but has no interest in potty training. 

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