Tuesday, June 29, 2010

water babes and the mother of the year

summer is really here.
to me, summer means swimming. when i was growing up we had seasons passes to wild waves until we got a boat. every day was filled with water games.
we don't have a boat and there's no way i would take my little babes to wild waves enough times to justify a seasons pass. so we swim.
sure, the kids can take swim lessons year round at the YMCA or the high school. but i don't like indoor pools and i also don't think it's nearly as much fun to swim when it's cold outside. (am i the only one?)
right now the two older kids are in swim lessons. and after swim lessons end we usually end up at a pool. of course, my mom's house has a pool and it's likely we could be found there most days. but my kids also love wading pools and spray parks. a little variety is good for everyone.
it's no secret i'm a little stressed out most of the time. what, with trying to keep up with the two boys, remodeling still going on in my house, and well, a non-fenced backyard...i'm wound tight and i know it.
but seeing my kids enjoy the spoils of summer makes me feel like mother of the year!
the summer...it is grand!

don't worry, isla pulled him out of the water right after i snapped this one.


Laura Call said...

Summer is the absolute best! And I love these pictures... they're fantastic!

Amanda said...

Isla is sooo tan! Glad your kids are enjoying their summer! :)

Molly W. said...

I wish I was there w/ you!!!

sher said...

Is that Fircrest wading pool- So fun! We are stuck in our backyard---need to hit more pools- headed to Chelan for the week, plenty there. (totally agree about YMCA, 1/2 hour of swimming for all the hassle of getting there AND waiting for a shower 'cuase its SO crowded...uggg.)

Rachel said...

They are cuties! And you can still be mom of the year and be wound tight at the same time!

Keirra said...

i love the tan and white skin contrasts! summer is awesome!