Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I forgot to mention

We went to Portland a few weeks ago.
stella was baptized.
it was kjrsten's birthday.
my kids tore the madsen house apart. (sorry kjrst)

we ate gannah's cake. with "diets" all around.

kjrsten got some good stuff.

we stayed at the hotel monaco. if you have not stayed at a monaco, i recommend doing so. i love the decor! and most of all, i love being downtown! isla and i went out together to explore.
( i told her that when i was growing up my parents took us to downtown portland to do all of our school clothes shopping every year. )

oh goodness, it was fun!

all the dyer kids represented including a surprise by the baby, mare, who flew in right after her baking shift at the cocoa bean.

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Molly W. said...

so sad i didn't get to see you...stupid rain.