Sunday, June 20, 2010

6 years ago today

she made me a mom. it was the single most thrilling day of my life. i did not know i could feel love like that. for the first year of her life i felt like i had won the lottery. well, i did win a lottery.

she was born on a sunday. it was father's day. it was sunny. it was glorious.

we celebrated this year at red robin. gannah took her to the movies with all of her chicklet cousins. then we had cake and ice cream followed by a swim party. (of course!)

meredith made sure that kjrsten was at the party this year!

what you can't see is that macrae actually blew them out and she had to have them lit 4 times before she got them out herself.

rhettsy was so cute last night. i couldn't help but put these up.

macrae stole this toy right away. isla didn't even see it until bed time. it is already broken. (thankfully! it is a talking toy and so obnoxious!)

duff started a bonfire for the cold, wet party-goers.

(standing next to a picture one of the chicklets drew of her with her new window markers. this door has happy birthday isla written all over it. so cute!)

i love her.


InYourBoat said...

Rhettsie is trying to seduce me with that off the shoulder onsie. It wont work!

anna said...

that's what you think. it ALWAYS works.

Rebecca said...

Anna, Isla is so beautiful,i see you in her so much!! i love all the pics!

Molly W. said...

Happy birthday, Isla!! Looks like a fab day! xo

Laura Call said...

Oh Isla, growing up so fast... just like my Ellie. I can remember the excitement being at your baby shower when you were pregnant with her... how is it she's already 6? She's a beautiful girl and we love her. Happy Birthday, Isla!!