Sunday, February 7, 2010

Belize City

okay, now where were we?
oh right. belize. before we headed out on this trip there were some people who told us that belize had a really cool cave tubing excursion. i wish we had listened to them. because belize was not very awesome. i thought there would be some really great beaches because i had heard that belize was one of the most popular places to travel for a tropical vacation. BUT...after being accosted by locals who were overly persitant in trying to get our business we finally found a decent cab driver to take us to a "beach." um, when we got there it was not a beach. it was a man-made pool with a slide and a cheesy zip line. oh, and lets not forget the "museum." i didn't take one picture of the museum or the "pool."
and then brandon had a terrible migraine. we spent an extra hour on the dock while he got himself together. which meant spending time behind a restaurant and hurling. so this is the view from our fake beach of THE REAL BEACH.

me, sunbathing.

here's what brandon looked like when we were returning to the boat.
this is what i was doing while he was busy.

i hope i don't sound like i'm complaining. i'm not into tours and excursions that take an entire day. i went on the cruise to get some sun. and i thought belize was going to be the BEST port for that. it wasn't. and if i had to do it again i would have gone to the caves or even the ruins. but, ah well. we did get to see the LDS chapel in belize city. it was surrounded by barbed wire and i didn't take a picture because i was afraid to pull out my camera incase someone on the street saw it (or the cab driver) and decided to jack us. ha! seriously, that was how safe i felt.


Rachel said...

your trip sounds so fun & relaxing!

Molly W. said...

I was really disappointed in Belize when we went there on our cruise years ago...not what you'd think. boo.