Sunday, January 31, 2010

Santo Tomas de Castilla, Guatemalla

no question. my favorite port.

i know, i know! it was overcast and i actually didn't even swim in the waterfall (waded a bit). it was just so surreal to be there. my brother, keith, served his mission in Guat so i was super pumped to see the people.

i bought these really scary beef tacos from the mother of that caged (oops, i mean playpen) baby. but i just wanted so badly to give her money. and i didn't want any trinkets. (after spending 5 months in russia collecting souveniers, i don't need another one for the rest of my life.) anyway, back to the tacos. brandon told me not to even eat the cooked vegetables on them so i we gave them to our driver. and he was so grateful, he gave us the grand tour through town! it was delightful! i wanted to get out and pose in all the doorways of their homes, er, or were they cafes? i'm not sure. but there were all secured by gates.

i apologize for so many pictures. i have about a hundred more.


Molly W. said...

My niece was adopted from Guatemala so I especially love seeing every glimpse into her original home. Thanks for sharing friend. xo

Veronique said...

This looks like it was an AMAZING trip Anna. What an experience!

Laura Call said...

This would've been my favorite part too... to see the people and how they live and their homes. It would've been really hard too though... so humbling I'm sure. What an experience! How neat that you got to visit where your brother served his mission.

Kjrsten said...

i like the girl peeking out through her doorway.