Sunday, February 7, 2010

my crazy days

things i did this week: (and i had help from brandon on some of it)

cleaned out the play room and turned it into a bonafide dining room. complete with table and chairs. (but now needs decorating?? so daunting for me.)

cleaned out the boys rooms to make room for the toys. (and donated a bunch of toys! so liberating!!)

thought about how to decorate the boys rooms. (finally! ~and anyone with ideas...please help!)

was completely caught up on all the laundry all week. (this never happens! i usually have 5 loads to do on saturday)

went to costco once, walmart one time, and fred meyer 4 times. (we went through 4 gallons of milk, 2 gallons of apple juice, 1/2 gallon of orange juice, and 30 diet sodas. are we the thirstiest family of 5...ever?)

made dinner every night except the night brandon brought home pizza. (was going to make homemade pizzas but luckily brandon rescued me since i ran out of steam by dinner time)

listed a bunch of baby stuff on craigslist. (i'm 99.9% sure we are done)

taped out where our island is going to go in the kitchen. (can't wait for the cabinet space!)

visited my mom in the hospital 3 times. (she's home now and needs some prayers)

put a couple hundred cd's onto my desktop. (not sure why but along with Tupac, i even own the X-files: the album. anyone want to borrow that ditty?)
went running 3 times. (but oh man, do i need some weight workouts!)

woke up at 6:30 with macrae 6 out of 7 days. (brandon gave me saturday to sleep in. thanks babe!)

sang about 20 primary songs at bedtime. and said atleast as many prayers.

(and this is what my week looked like)


KariAnn said...

i think that's more than i've done in the past year. serious. you're like an urban legend or something.

Terra said...

busy week for a busy mommy. you need to go on vacations again! :) loved the post and the previous ones about your vacay. very cool.

Rebecca said...

love the part about the laundry, theres nothing like actually getting all done,that feeling can only last for a day for me!I'm feeling you!

Molly W. said...!!! That sounds unbelievebly productive, Anna!! WOW! I can't wait to see the dining room, pics stat!!

alexismunoadyer said...

you are super mom!!!

I have lots of ideas for your boys' room!
I will research and send them to ya.

PS I think "have a cute house" would be a sweet blog.
maybe we should all get on that.

Lisa said...

I second the have a cute house idea. And I would more than love to help you do the boys room!! (hint: a banner always works wonders wink wink) I'm already planning for when Brock and Merrick share a room and what I'm going to do then....a little premature maybe since Brock is still sleeping in our closet and not in his own room.....
congrats on all your accomplishments--come to my house next!!

Laura Call said...

Why didn't I know your mom was in the hospital? I hope all is ok, I'll have to email you. What a wonderful feeling to get so much done... good for you! And I feel your pain with the early mornings. Chloe gets up at 6AM every...single...morning. Once in awhile she'll sleep till 6:20 and that's sleeping in around here, HA! Thank heaven for husbands that help out, eh?

Brandon said...

Anna truly is a beautiful special women. Some days (most days) I'll come home from work and she has done so much around the home, with the kids, for her mom, for her friends, and for me and is still fine with me playing raqtball. She is amazing. Love you