Monday, December 7, 2009

this here is a TREE

funny thing about this year's tree...we head out to Schilter's Farm to cut down our very own Christmas tree. It starts out pretty normal.

macrae doesn't want his picture taken.

Isla likes this one.

Rhett doesn't care which one we take home, he just wants to chew on the ornaments (and looks so cute in his peacoat, no?)

macrae wants a charlie brown tree.

but in the end they were all too big, too small or it was too muddy on the ground.
macrae was happy when we found his gannah.
and brandon was happy with a tree they had already cut for us.

this isn't one of those trees that all of the needles falls off, is it?


Molly W. said...

haha, love it!

Kjrsten said...

i love rhetts coat... it that veeeeeeeeeelvet>?