Thursday, November 26, 2009


for these...

and this...

as well as:
a healthy mother
amazing in-laws
no pets
true friends
and My Savior

enjoy a little more food than you normally consume on a thursday.


Molly W. said...

ditto -to all of it!! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving, friend. (hope you got my text, was thinking of you!) xo

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful for all of those things as well! Your children are wonderful, and so are you. Can't wait for Christmas!!

alexismunoadyer said...

I'm so thankful for a sister that...

loves her hubby
squeezes her kids
has saweet styyyyle
is anchored in truth
has UHmazing hair
makes cute kids
could really kick my butt (or anyone elses)
is smarter than the average lady
has lovely mothering skills
knows a good shoe when she sees one
buys a good shoe when she sees one
has great deco skills (and a handy hubby)
was so key to making me feel welcome in a new fam

i love you bonanza
I hope you are having a beautiful day.
i miss your guts and am gonna squeeeeeeze them outa you when i see you in 16days!! but whos counting?!

Veronique said...

Your such a beautiful family! Your kids are darling! Thanks for your great example to me.

Margie said...

Anna, you have the cutest kids...

Kjrsten said...

i love this photo of isla. like- LOVE!