Wednesday, December 16, 2009

my perfect day

macrae asked me to "hold you" at least 5 times. i happily obliged each time.

rhett walked around and around carrying the christmas tree decorations he had managed to remove without me even noticing they were gone.

isla made a dozen different crafts while i was making dinner. one of them is a picture of our house with me inside cooking. attached to that (with tape) is a printed photo of gannah and booboo on the party barge.

i didn't vaccum the pine needles tonight.

i even got to take a run tonight.

we ate dinner as a family. roasted sweet potato, squash, carrots, and mushrooms with shrimp.

macrae asked me to sing "tickle tickle" and i didn't know what he meant until he said "da staw." i must have sung it 49 times before he was almost asleep and i left the room (before i fell asleep, myself).

rhett and i snuggled in the rocking chair while he drank his bottle before bed. he giggled while i tickled his feet and kissed his neck. yum!

at bedtime isla and i read "the snow globe family" and when it was over she asked to read it again.

brandon didn't have young men's tonight or raquetball.

i went to walmart and fred meyer ALONE. but i missed them all the whole time.


Molly Gehring said...

so sweet. I'm glad you had a nice day. What's with Macrae in tights?

Rachel said...

You have such sweet children. What a perfect day!

Rebecca said...

what about the red tights!!loving that!

Laura Call said...

I'm dying at Macrae in those tights... hilarious! It does sound like a wonderful day you had... and your kids had because of you.

Lisa Masters said...

so perfect!! I live for those days. Today was not one of them. I basically took a shower in the flood that showed up in our bathroom. sweet.
p.s. I think I may NEED that roasted yummy food recipe. xoxo

Molly W. said...

sweet day friend. (wish I could've come w/ you to FM and WM but I'm sure you liked the peace). :) B always asks for me to "hold you" -I hope she doesn't stop saying that for a really really long time. :)

Rebecca Parker said...

Is Brandon ok with his son in those tights?:) i've fallen asleep on many nights lately with my boys & they remind me of elf's perfect day when they finish & snuggle...

Kjrsten said...

yes the tights... do tell?!~!!!