Thursday, November 12, 2009

book fair

oooh, the book fair. how i loved the book fair in my younger years. let me count the ways...

first of all, i was a book nerd! i know, i know. it's hard to believe.

really. i was a "library shelver" in elementary school. that means, i was a librarian TA. only, it would have been a cool job in high school because fo sho the librarian wouldn't care where you skipped off to during class (even if it was to metal shop to make out with your boyfriend). oh no! this meant that you missed RECESS so you could be in the library. putting books away, no less.

oh, how i loved this job. just fingering all of the fiction. wondering who had checked out "are you there god, it's me, margaret" that week. and when the librarian told us ("us" as in me and all the REAL nerds) we could go back to recess. i would stay and read books in the truck cab or the boat. ah, it was pure heaven.

actually, heaven was the book fair!! all the new books just sitting on those shiny shelves waiting to be bought, toted home on the bus, and READ. oh~my joy! i would save up babysitting money, scrounge change out of the couches, do jobs for my brother...anything to get money to buy BOOKS! and then i would bring them home and sit under the table in the kitchen and READ. all day. until the book was read. i read atleast one book a day. oh~the joy of it!

so, now i'm a bookclub drop out. i don't have time to read books. to me, that is a luxury. but one day...

for now, i will settle for helping out at the book fair at isla's school.

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Sarah said...

I was a book nerd too...I LOVED the book fair and the scholastic book add where you could buy books at a discounted price. I too spent all my money on books :) Happy Thanksgiving!