Monday, January 12, 2009

macrae, the LADIES MAN

today we had some friends over...while all the bigger kids (you know, the ones who aren't old enough to be in school but can TALK) played upstairs macrae entertained all of the women and the ladies who can't and charlotte.

the entertainment included:
flexing his muscles, falling down deliberately, turning know, all the things that make a 1 year old giggle.

i wish i had taken some pictures. good thing laura took pictures of his date with chloe last week. thanks laura, you are awesome!


Laura Call said...

I honestly have not laughed THAT hard in awhile... thanks Macrae! Seriously, how does a 1 year-old even know how to do the things he was doing today? I was DY-ING!! It was such a memorable performance that I even told Tyler all about it and I started busting a gut just trying to explain how funny Macrae was being... it's a gift!

Laura Call said...

P.S. You forgot to mention his karate, doing the splits, and even giving himself zerberts on his arm... I'm laughing as I'm writing this just thinking about it!

InYourBoat said...

He's quite the charmer, but back off ladies, he's mine!!!

Molly W. said...

SO cute! Love it.

Mandy said...

Sounds like Brandon has trained Macrae well already! A late congrats on the new little one too. Love the name. Do you have any other good boy names to share -coming up with a 5th is not easy. Hope to see you guys soon.