Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Rain or shine, we get a pumpkin!

so today was preschool field trip the Shilter Farm. this place is gorgeous...old nisqualley basin.

today was a fall day out of the story books. i kept trying to get isla to pose "just so" with the orange and yellow trees in the background. it was all out raining like it does here and i did not bring an umbrella because TRUE washingtonians DO NOT carry umbrellas. but did the rain stop the 3 and 4 year olds from having fun? no way! i'm talkin' petting the barn (isla called it a "varn") animals, riding the hay ride, doin' the hay maze, and pickin a pumpkin--in the rain.

i could not resist taking of picture of her touching her nose...the lady in the "varn" said "touch your nose if you can hear me" and she kept her finger on her nose the whole time. it was too cute.

then, we pick her pumpkin... she walked that whole patch to find just the right one. they said, "if you can carry it, you can have it." and thank goodness! i was NOT about to haul the big ole 20 pound pumpkin she wanted. there i am in the pouring rain with Macrae in the baby bjorn sleeping but getting soaked...and i'm trying to bend over and pick up a pumkpin? i told her she had to be able to pick it up. so we settled on a 3 pounder charlie brown pumpkin. perfect! and we rode the hay ride back. what a day! i needed a nap.

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bigdogdano said...

anna, how darling and wonderful for you to blog on like this! such cutie pie babies! that isla is simply a dolly!