Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Spider Man BOY-Macrae

Macrae was so excited to have ice cream cone cupcakes at his school and balloons to give to each one of his friends.  Green for the boys and Pink for the girls.  4 years old is great because he thought the school cupcakes and balloons = a birthday party so it was easy for me.  And then he wanted teriyaki from Hana which he calls "that place where we ate with Barret."  This kid is a DREAM!  I don't know if it's the middle child thing or just his disposition but he's agreeable and sweet.  He loves his mom and gives me as many kisses as I want.  Also he always holds open the door for me.  What a gentleman he's becoming!

He wanted a GREEN Spider Man Cake.  So, here it is.  

Happy Birthday to my best boy! 


Laura Call said...

Second picture down, best excited/happy picture ever!! Happy Happy Birthday to our awesome buddy Macrae! He is such a fun-loving, smart, and handsome kid. When Chloe brought home her pink balloon from school, I said "let me guess the boys got green!" she said, "yep." I love how much Macrae loves green... it only makes sense that he would want a green cake too!

Molly W. said...

4 already?!! Happy birthday Macrae!! (Rhettsy is your best boy too right?) :)