Thursday, September 2, 2010

rainy days and tuesday

always get me down.

we were so sad when isla went off to school on tuesday.  even the sky was crying.  

(these were taken backwards while driving)

oh man, i need to get a sonic diet coke with fresh lime!


Lisa said...

I hear ya on the sonic!! Not kidding, sometimes just the thought of one gets me through the day. Why is it that when i make them at home its never as good???
sad about your baby being at school. :( Ill bring you dc with lime any time you need it.
love your boys.

kate lines said...

um. today i tried rasberry diet pepsi. it was amazing.

how are you? how's running?

Molly W. said...

Sonic does make everything better. xo

Sidewalk Chalk said...

These are such adorable photos. Love the little shoe.

I've never been to Sonic, or a drive-thru setup restaurant in my life. There's a Sonic within in walking distance of my apartment and this will probably be remedied very soon!