Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Heaven on earth

Banks Lake.  i swear it is.

we spent 3 fulls days and night living and loving electric city's finest and coulee city's even finerest.

it was the best time of all times.

i wish it would never have had to end.

we roasted more hotdogs than any family should ever claim to have eaten.  (turkey dogs were plentiful too!)

i took more photos in one trip than i have ever in my life.  (600 or so?)

rhett ate more sand than he did real food.  and he also borrowed a million pairs of shoes throughout the week.

the chicklets sang a taylor swift song and were accompanied by soni!  whereupon, lexi serenaded us with her own "chocolate" and i will say i saw booboo with wet eyes.

i laughed harder than i ever have while watching my brothers and husband duke it out on the kneeboards. and by DUKE i mean, he was the ultimate fight champion of all winning 3 rounds out of 4!  and also, might i add that kneeboards are clearly urban legend since i haven't seen another person riding one (other than our family) since 1997.

on the last day i learned to wake surf and loved it so much i cursed myself for not trying it on the first day!
in my last moments on the lake i wakeboarded on the most buttery water i have ever boarded.  i knew once i let go it would be my last cut until next year!

and with that, i give you a montage of photos.  for more photos check this out

and speaking of next year, did you know we will be adding 2 more dyers to the clan and thereby, integrating them into our heaven on earth???


Libby said...

i seriously seriously miss that place!!

Casual Businessman said...

seeing how i won zero of my kneeboard war attempts and was almost drawn and quartered by the ropes i am going to train all year for the next kneeboard war! i may even bring my own kneeboard - custom!

Molly W. said...

wait, what?!! Tell me about the 2 newbies!! Looks SO fun, oh man, can I be a Dyer for a while so I can come? pretty please?!!