Friday, August 20, 2010


what is this game called? ninja? i don't know but it's hilarious to watch these girls pull out their best kung fu moves on each other.

best cousins playing in the sand
pink diaper? nope. just a lifejacket.  weirdo!
gorgeous girl!
maxin and relaxin.  nothing better than a good book on the beach.  i borrowed lucy's book hunger games for a day and finished it.   

cutest cousin conversation ever. 


Molly W. said...

sooo fun. i heart cousin time.

Keirra said...

i loved the new diaper/lifejacket they all learned from marion! Awesome!!

Laura Call said...

Macrae in the life jacket/diaper made me laugh out loud!

Love these pics... especially the girl cousins having their conversation as they sit in their camping chairs, so cute!