Sunday, July 11, 2010

More Fourth

first there was this really awesome parade. let me say that dyers don't really do parades. come again? dyers? well, my grandpa dyer who is so patriotic he passed away on the 4th of july this year would probably do parades. but the danny-dyer clan, we don't do parades because (of ADD?) apparently they are long and while somewhat entertaining, they are long. did i mention they are long? just kidding. but really, this one was a little too long for my taste. sorry aptos, your parade is too long.

but la selva, you guys got it down. 20 minute parade and then it's on to the 4th of july festivities! now, that's "dyer style" celebrating!! here's rhettsy in his first la selva beach diaper dash! he got a ribbon for 1st place but colin was quick to note that he took 3rd, not first! ha ha. (you can see macrae in the background, he was already tired out from the parade and ready for a nap. otherwise i am certain he would have easily taken home the real blue ribbon. and the fact that he was the biggest kid there in diapers would have had NOTHING to do with it. ha ha)

then there was lots of wrestling and playing at elaine's sister's house in la selva. i never thought my "girlie-girl" isla would love playing with the boys as much as she did.

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Molly W. said...

love Rhett's red hair w/ the red, white and blue. :)