Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i'm classy like that

this is dinner (HEY, don't judge! there's oatmeal in those!)

this is my kid
this is my other kid (yes, that's a diaper and we are out in the neighborhood).
this is my pouting kid (that wants to go swimming).

that's right. i'm totally mother of the year!


Rebecca said...

ha,ha,ha so funny, this looks like a perfect day and perfect dinner

Laura Call said...

I agree, looks like a perfect day to me! Although, sad for Isla. I love her poutie face.

Brandon said...

Thats just on thing I love about you. When life gets rough you make it easy by adapting and understanding, then turning moments that could otherwise be unbearable into fun. Thats why you get MOTHER OF THE YEAR in my eyes. Our 2 boys are a little like me and from what my MOM says I was a hand full. Remember, you have two of them 16 months apart!! They are crazy but thats the way i love'em LOVE YOU!!

Molly W. said...

Oh friend, you are an amazing mom and cookies for dinner?! Of course mom of the year, baby!! (I'm so sorry I didn't get to see you this weekend, I drove by your house and so desperately wanted to run in and give you a hug...no.time. Miss you!!)