Wednesday, September 2, 2009

this is where she is right now

dear isla,

i tried not to cry when i left you in the classrooom. macrae asked about you all morning. by now you are probably getting ready to finish your first day of kindergarten. i'm sure you are excited to get on a real school bus for the first time. in a few minutes i'm going to get the boys ready to meet you at the bus stop. i wonder how many new friends you made today. i sure did miss you!


Molly W. said...

I'm getting teary eyed just reading this and imagining when its my turn to take B to kindergarten. I remember my first day of kingergarten at that school! Happy 1st day Isla, hope it was a great one!

Robbie and Katie said...

I would have cried just to step foot back in that building! Oh how I hope they still have the dentist chair and bathtub in the library. Those were my favorite places to read.

Rebecca Parker said...

i thought for sure you were only talking about sending her off to preschool until i confirmed it was kindergarten in your ltr. of course, the signs @ school gave it away too:) can't believe she's old enough?! glad it was a day o' the time it's the boys' turns, you'll be ready!!:) in meantime, good reminder to love 'em now while they're still around 'cuz goes by so fast!

Veronique said...

How sweet. I know how you feel Anna. I just sent Jacob off this week. That was not easy but he was so thrilled.