Tuesday, September 29, 2009


DEAREST READERS {including stalkers}:

i need serious decorating help! i have no idea what is in style right now. and i am not good at decorating with housewares. at. all. look at all of these poor little shelves i have to fill. the left side will be lots of electronic devices. but the rest are allll mine. and don't stop there my little friends...ahem, the mantel?? and if i should rearrange the rest, i would love to know what i should do. don't be shy! please give me some ideas!!



Anonymous said...

For the mantel- I think the best decorations are family pictures in fancy frames of all sizes. Judging by the pic, it looks like it would look nice with black and white pics.
PS- You obviously have some style, because what you have there already is super cute.

Molly W. said...

Hooray for flooring! :) WHO HOO!!! Let me get back to you on the mantel... xo

Kjrsten said...

ask jeff lewis.

cute fabrics!

oh and the gray looks awes.

Andrea said...

First of all- looks so great! Nice work by your hubs. You're probably so excited to look at a finished wall. :)
I'm no decorator, either... but here are my suggestions (and I'm a bit of a modern fan so adjust if you are not). Art above the fire place is tricky (and a bit cliche) so I think a cool mirror would look great there. Think Anthro- a colonial border painted yellow or something?? (even consider vintage style, like sunburst, antiqued, etc.), just something interesting and different. As for the sides, four great candid family photos in strong black & white (two on each side-top and bottom). I like the glass containers, you can fill those with clean, colorful things like fake oranges, etc for spots of color and texture but I'd go easy on loading the mantel and cupboard tops with tons of little things. Think clean magazine holders in acrylic to contain that stuff. With busy media in the left cupboard, try textured bins for containing visual clutter on the right (that area will be great for displaying/storing bowls or other decorative things, but LATER when the kids are bigger).
Wow- that was long. Have fun!

Nadia said...

Oh, now that's a fun challenge. Definitely some type of mirrored element, a pop of vibrant color (you could be ubber-crafty and go seasonal), and then I would add books. Maybe some cool vintage books, stacked just so. Nothing says home to me like books. Can't wait to see what you decide to do!

laurag said...

Ohhhh....Anna - you know how this makes my heart go pitter patter...First things first though, you are a true woman of style. It's impossible to have such an artistic wardrobe and it not effect your sense of decorating. Just treat it all like the biggest out fit you've ever put together. Don't shy away from mixing prints and textures ,which you do to prefection in your outfits. I agree with the above readers, I say add a mirror of some sort, something antiquey would be awesome and the yellow mentioned - AWESOME. Also, add lots of books like mentioned as well. Ones you read and old ones you collect. I say throw in a small plant or fake flower arragement of some sort too (pier 1 has great ones). Your options are endless. Maybe do a collection of your jars on one side, I think it's cool to group alike thing together. This is where you guys can really showcase things you love/collections...shells, maps, books, globes, etc. Man, let me keep thinking on it then we can discuss in person fri. night. Yeah baby! p.s. your fabric panels are awesome.

Rebecca Parker said...

i agree that already looks awesome, but take that with a grain of salt from me who has no sense of style-just ask chris:( anyway, kyla is really good @ decor if you want another opin or jen (doxey) stapley next time she's in town & then you can come do my apt next...but only if you'll pay for it (decor not rent of course) too:) of course, it's a nice touch to have your handy husband & cute kids in the room as well not to mention yourself adorned fabulously!! pretty sad comp when we've only painted one room in 6 yrs & you've totally redone whole downstairs-ugh! guess i got my work cut out for me in more ways than one:)

Anonymous said...

AnnaBelle -- It's lovely. Maybe put a few things on the floor (I know this is a crazy idea with all of your swiffer-babies, but maybe a faux plant or something funky just in the corner between the actual fireplace and the shelves, ya know? I'll be on the look-out for something neat-o. I'm currently doing my bedroom and am panicked on a daily basis! Anyway -- Let's have a decorating swap and feed ideas to each other -- what do you think?
Oh, and Paula had her twins this morning! On Gus's birthday! Yay. Leaving for SLC tonight, but will be home a week from Sat.