Saturday, August 1, 2009

morning on the lake

this is my namesake, annabella. wouldn't you know it, she's the first one in!

all these dyer girls kneeboard and wakeboard! but their favorite thing to do is body surf.

and they each took a turn tricking each other, holding on while the others let go. veeery trickery!

the man behind the man behind the boat behind the lake trip.

dyer's rule!


emma said...

that was so awesome and dyers do rule! thanks for taking those pics,you are awesome!

Kara said...

I miss banks! Hopefully we will come to our senses and join you next year.

Molly W. said...

Dyer's do in fact rule. :) looks so fun! LOVED seeing you this week, WAY too short. seriously, i need you to myself for like a that too much to ask?!

S and K said...

Wow those girls are fearless!
I have a plan I want to present to you and BP. Jodi Snider & I are planning a surprise 30th b-day party for Eldon & Scott, we are going to go to Lake Powell and we wanted you guys to come!(cuz lets be honest its not going to be a party without the 2 of you!!!!!!) We're planning it for Sept 24-27. I know its far but TRY to see if it will work. Jodi talked to Keith yesterday, haven't heard if their in or not. If you have any questions just e-mail me at Thanks! Have a good one!