Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good Mother: LESSON 1

sometimes i feel that i'm not doing a very good job at my job. it's frusterating. it can be overwhelming. when i have moments of feeling like i am not the best mom i can be i try to think of my grandmother, raquel.

Raquel Peterson Lesson 1: embrace your children
once when i was a teenager, i was in trouble with my parents. at that time our new house was almost finished and for a few days we were living with my grandparents. i remember feeling guilty after getting a big eye lecture from my dad and when i walked into my grandmother's house she embraced me and told me she was happy i was there. it felt so good. to be loved...

today i spent as much time as i could embracing each of my children. isla was a dream child and the boys were happy together. macrae even played peakaboo with rhett. they were all happy and content just playing together.

macrae learned to swim on his own in his lifejacket. he loves the freedom in the pool. tonight he wanted to do animal puzzles instead of read a book before bed (which is weird since his favorite word lately has been "book"). then he laid in bed practicing all his new words: gog-go, fwog, etc...

isla was spending the night with ganna but called to come home at 10pm. i was enjoying the freedom of having one less child. but i rescued her and hugged her. then i told her i was happy she came home because i missed her.
i took 50 pictures of them yesterday on my 35mm camera. i'm trying to take more pictures. i am trying to enjoy my children more. i spend so much time just getting my job done that sometimes i forget the meaning of my work.


Molly W. said...

amen and amen. good reminder to me too Anna.

Molly Gehring said...

I know how you feel anna. Good work today. Days like that feel so rewarding. You're kids are so sweet and they love you to pieces. You are a great mother. You deserve a raise.